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Firefox Focus Brings GeckoView Engine to Android

Oct 7, 2018

There is a new Firefox Focus update for Android and one of the major improvements is the addition of the GeckoView engine. It is possible that you might not have heard about Firefox Focus before. Focus is the more privacy-enhanced version of Firefox that Mozilla released for Android back in 2017.

Before it was released to Android in 2017, it was released for iOS about two-years prior. The newest Firefox Focus update for Android is bringing a few different improvements. The main improvement in this update is the GeckoView engine. Keep reading to learn more about the new Firefox Focus update for Android and what the new GeckoView engine will do for your browsing experience.

GeckoView Engine Part of Newest Firefox Focus Android Update

Previous to this update, Firefox Focus was using the Chrome WebView engine. With this new Android update, Mozilla has switched over to the GeckoView engine. You might be thinking that this new engine is going to enhance the speed of the browser. If you are thinking that, you would be wrong. The main thing that GeckoView engine is going to bring is that it will use the Quantum improvements. These Quantum improvements are from Gecko. A benefit of this is that it will allow Mozilla to design more privacy-enhanced features.

So instead of the GeckoView engine improving speed, it is going to be used to bring more privacy-enhanced features to the Android browser. Mozilla can add in unique features to enhance privacy. That is really what Firefox Focus is all about in the first place. Specifically, with the new GeckoView engine, you will have less third-party data collection going on. Even though third-party data collection is going to be reduced in the new Firefox Focus, it is something you likely will not notice. With future updates, you likely will be seeing more privacy-enhancing features added to the browser.

GeckoView Engine Isn’t Only Improvement in Firefox Focus for Android

While we are super excited about the new GeckoView engine on Firefox Focus for Android, that is not the only new addition to the app. There are now also suggestions when searching, which you will find on the home screen tab. A new redesign is also part of this update. The new redesign of the app was put out to go with the new Android Pie operating system. Even though we are most excited about the GeckoView engine, we also love the new redesign that Firefox Focus for Android has.

Going back to the GeckoView engine, it was something we all knew was coming at some point down the road. Mozilla announced back in June that the GeckoView engine would be replacing Chrome WebView on Firefox Focus. The only thing we did not know at that point in time was when the new GeckoView engine would actually be released on Android. You can find the new engine and the new search suggestions by downloading the updated Firefox Focus for Android.

How to Get the New Firefox Focus Android Update Featuring the GeckoView Engine

If this is an app you already have on your device, then you can wait for the over-the-air update to hit your device. It should not take that long for the new update to roll out to everyone. If you do not want to wait for the over-the-air update, then head to Google Play Store right now to download the update. The redesign, the new engine, and search suggestions are all part of this new update. Once you have downloaded the new Firefox Focus update for Android, we want to hear from you.

Do you like that the new engine is part of Firefox Focus to allow for even more privacy-enhancements and features? Have you found Firefox Focus to have a ton of privacy features that you really enjoy using during your browsing experience? Mozilla has been around a long time, so we want to know what your thoughts are overall on this privacy-focused company.

Do you use Firefox on your PC and mobile devices? What else would you like to see added to Firefox Focus in the future? Are there other more privacy-focused Android browsers that you would use instead? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about the new GeckoView engine and Firefox Focus in general.

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