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Firefox Focus Privacy Browser Hits Android

Jun 20, 2017

When it comes to privacy, there are quite a few browsers out there that are made solely for the purpose of being privacy-oriented. A new browser, called Firefox Focus has made it onto Google Play Store, with the entire premise of this browser being way more secured. If you have an Android device, read on to learn about Firefox Focus and what this browser can do for you.

Firefox Focus Browser Comes to Android

It was back in November 2016 that the Firefox Focus browser was released by Mozilla for iOS. Now, over seven-months later, Firefox Focus has come to the Google Play Store. If you have used an iOS device lately, then you might have already used Firefox Focus. This browser from Mozilla was more focused on security and there are less advertisements on Firefox Focus as opposed to the regular Firefox browser. You will notice that the Android version of Firefox Focus is very similar to the version that was released on iOS back in November.

What we mean by this is that the Android version is also focused on blocking a lot of the advertisements that you might come across on your browser. There are a ton of trackers that come with browsing the Internet, such as activity trackers and it is these trackers that allow the advertisements to appear. With Firefox Focus, you will notice most of these trackers are now blocked, which gives you a less advertisement-heavy experience.

Firefox Focus was developed to also run a lot faster on your Android device. It also was made to load the web pages much quicker than your typical and normal mobile browser. You will also notice that you can erase tons of information very quickly from this new Android browser. Some of the information you can erase quickly includes your browser history, cookies, passwords, and even more.

Firefox Focus Android Release Details

With all of the information you can erase quickly, you will find that this browser is very secure and adds a new layer in privacy protection. You will also notice that the Android version is a little different than the iOS version in the fact that there are features in the Android version not found in the iOS version. A couple of these features that are found on Android include counters, which will tell you how many advertisements have been blocked by this browser.

The Android version of the app also sends notifications to you, which allows you to erase your history even if you forget to do this. You also can disable the advertisement tracker blocker. You might choose to disable the feature if you go to a website and it does not load correctly due to the blockers, which does happen on occasion.

Another good thing about this browser is that you can make Firefox Focus the default browser on Android devices. With the iOS version, you cannot set another browser as the default browser due to Apple making Safari the only default that can be used. One thing you might want to remember is that Firefox Focus does not utilize the tabs, like you would find on normal Firefox browsers. This makes it less cluttered overall and it looks more visually appealing. If you would like to try Firefox Focus, you can head to Google Play Store right now and download the new privacy-oriented browser for your Android device.