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Firefox iOS Update Adds Menu Changes & More

Nov 9, 2017

There is a new Firefox iOS update rolling out right now, which brings Firefox to version 10 on iOS. In this new update, we see menu changes and a new photon design. If you have not heard about Firefox before, it is one of the most commonly used browsers both on mobile devices and computers.

The newest release of Firefox 10 for iOS is definitely a milestone, since this is version 10. We are up to over version 54 on the PC, with new updates coming pretty regularly on the PC platform. The updates are not quite as common on mobile, so read on to learn what the new Firefox iOS update has in store.

Firefox iOS Update Includes Menu Changes Among Other Upgrades

We are getting a new Firefox update for PC next week, but let us focus our attention right now on Firefox 10. Firefox 10 is the newest Firefox iOS update, and in this milestone update there is a new photon design. This new photon design is basically a minimalist design that allows you to access all of the options in the browser menu much quicker.

You will notice that the menu button is at the bottom of the iOS screen. This button will then show you a list of all of the shortcuts you should know about and likely will use. The shortcuts include history, bookmarks, reading list, and the ability to enable night mode. You also can use the shortcuts from this list to hide the images, which could result in certain websites or pages loading much quicker.

There are more options now in the page action menu. You will notice that there are options for storing content for viewing later on and more options for sharing. This new menu is found within the address bar. You also can use the page action menu to pin a page to the Top Sites. The menu also allows you to send the page to Firefox on another device, which is pretty cool. This means you can share a page with a friend by sending it to another device. You also will have the ability to add a page to the reading list, which is really nice to have as well on Firefox 10.

Even More Firefox iOS Update Additions

Beyond all of that, there are also changes in how the content will appear when you create a new tab. On the Firefox iOS update, you will see a top sites list as well as previously visited websites. There is also bookmarked pages in this section and articles from Pocket as well. Firefox also made it easier to search by giving you the most popular search suggestions as a default option. This will show up underneath of the address bar. The QR Code Reader is now on the right side of the address bar. For most people, this means it will be a lot easier to access the QR Code Reader on Firefox.

There is also the “No Image” feature, which will block all images from a website from loading. This is definitely good if you are trying to save on data since images take up a ton of data. If you are in a low-coverage area, then you will love the “No Image” feature in the Firefox iOS update. In order to get the new Firefox 10 for iOS, you need to have iOS 10.3 or newer and it will work on all iOS devices with this operating system requirement.

As far as size goes, Firefox 10 is 98.5MB, which is not that big considering all of the new changes coming with the Firefox iOS update. The new update should be rolling out now to iOS devices that already have Firefox installed. If you would like to manually get the update, you can head on over to Apple’s App Store right now and download the new Firefox 10 for iOS.