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Firefox iOS Update Brings Default Tracking Protection

Apr 16, 2018

Good news if you have the Firefox iOS browser as there is a new update rolling out to bring tracking protection to the masses. The new update will now have tracking protection turned on as the default setting.

This is great news because it gives you more security while you are browsing Firefox on your iOS device every day. Privacy has been a hot topic in the past week as people are more concerned than ever about who is getting their information. We have all of the latest details about the new default tracking protection plus some additional features for iPad users.

Firefox iOS Update Now has Tracking Protection as Default Setting

If you are like many privacy-concerned people, you probably have gone into Firefox on iOS or on your computer and changed the privacy settings. Tracking protection is one of the main privacy settings that Firefox put out for people who are concerned with privacy. Now, instead of having to go into the app on iOS, the tracking protection will now be the default option. This is definitely really good news because it eliminates you having to go in and change the setting yourself on your iOS device. Tracking protection was already around in the private browsing mode on iOS, so you might have used it from there before.

The new update means you no longer will have to use private browse in order to get the tracking protection features. It will be available to you through the standard Firefox iOS tab. Even better, is that it will be the default choice so there is nothing you need to do. If you do want to change the settings and share your data, then you can just click a button in order to disable tracking protection. You probably know how that data collection works, as websites often use trackers to see what you do online.

Essentially, there is a treasure-trove of data and information from those trackers, and they are then sold to various advertisers. Some malicious people and companies also get this valuable information about the websites you visit online. That is why so many people choose to use the tracking protection, so that the websites you visit online are not collected and then sold to the highest bidder.

Firefox iOS Update Adds Tracking Protection & New iPad Features

Beyond the new tracking protection that comes to the Firefox iOS app, there are also a couple new items for those on an iPad. One of the new iPad features you will notice is the drag-and-drop feature. This means that you can click on the tab icon, long-press the tab, and then drag it to where you want it to go.

Some people prefer to have their tabs in a certain order because it makes things more organized. If you need information from one tab, you will often times put that tab next to the one you are trying to input that information to. The new drag-and-drop feature for the iPad will allow you to rearrange the tabs to how you want them to be.

Another cool feature added to the Firefox iOS app for iPad is that you are now quickly able to share links. Simply drag the URL from within the Firefox app, which is another drag-and-drop feature. Long press the tab you are on and then you can drag it to anywhere. This includes a Facebook message, an email, or sharing the link via Twitter.

You no longer will need to cut and paste the URL link on the Firefox iOS app if you use the new drag-and-drop URL abilities. This is going to save you a lot of time because it will allow you to just quickly drag-and-drop. You will also want to share more links since the process is now easier than ever before.

Even More Firefox iOS App Changes

Additionally, the Firefox iOS app has new keyboard shortcuts for those on an iPad. This means that navigation will be much easier and a lot simpler than before. The desktop browser has long had these keyboard shortcuts. If you have used the desktop version of Firefox, then you will know exactly what new keyboard shortcuts we are talking about. These keyboard shortcuts will be very helpful for people on an iPad, and we are super happy that Mozilla decided to include these in this update.

Lastly, on the Firefox iOS app, you will find that the tab tray has changed a little bit as well. If you want to manage tabs and toggle the tray, it is easy with the new shortcuts. Simply use the CTRL+Option+Tab shortcut to toggle the tray. You can use this shortcut to view, select, or close the tabs too. If you have private tabs loaded up, you can now switch to that tray using the shortcut.

How to Get New Tracking Protection on Firefox iOS App

You will find the new Firefox iOS app in Apple’s App Store if you do not have Firefox already on your iOS device. If the app is on your device now, then you should see the update in the next couple days. There likely will be more updates coming for the iOS app in the near future.

Mozilla is ramping up bringing better features to the mobile app. You might have even noticed changes several months ago, since that is when the changes really began. The desktop browser has a ton of features that the app still does not have yet. It seems that Mozilla is trying to bring all of the desktop features to iOS, but the updates are just going to roll out in stages.

Tell us in the comments what you think of this news. Are you excited for tracking protection to be the default option on the Firefox iOS app? Do you regularly use private browse mode on iOS or just the regular browser? Let us know your thoughts on data concerns below.