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Firefox Nightly Adds Bookmark Manager Improvements on Android

Sep 18, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in hearing about the new Firefox Nightly update that will be coming out soon. The new Android version of Firefox Nightly is going to include a newly redesigned and updated bookmarks manager. This is just the latest change coming to the new Firefox Nightly app for Android. Read on to learn about this new change and what it means for you.

Firefox Nightly Adds Bookmark Manager Redesign to Android

The good news is that Firefox Nightly for Android will now have a completely redesigned bookmarks manager. This is going to be on the new version of Firefox Nightly for Android, which will be version 57. Firefox 57 is a huge improvement from Firefox 55, including several improvements to the look and overall feel of Firefox. With the Firefox Nightly update, we are going to see some of the biggest changes to Firefox that have not been released since Firefox 4.

Firefox 4 was a very long time ago, so considering we are now on version 57, that is a long time in between major changes. One thing that Firefox 57 will do besides the redesign, is it will drop support for what are known as legacy add-ons. That is bad news for a lot of people because a lot of add-ons are considered to be “legacy.” You can check your add-ons to see if you have any with this label by going to the “Add-Ons” section in Firefox. Those that are Legacy will show up in a yellow highlighted print.

These add-ons use the old technology, which will be obsolete once Firefox 57 rolls out in November 2017. It is important that we mention this aspect of the Firefox 57 update, since it will impact a lot of people who run multiple add-ons. Hopefully, most add-on developers will update before the rollout of Firefox 57, although many will simply just decide to end the add-on altogether.

Firefox Nightly Release for Android Comes with Changes

As we started to mention before, the bookmark manager is going to be getting some new life in Firefox Nightly for Android. The stable release out right now is Firefox 55, and there are a lot of limitations when it comes to the bookmark manager in that version.

You cannot do anything when it comes to the folders. The only thing you can really do is edit and create items in the bookmark section. With the new update, we are talking about giving you the ability to do tons of things. This includes moving bookmarks, creating them, editing folders, and much more from your Android device.

You will be able to pin bookmarks as well with the new Firefox Nightly update for Android. This means that the bookmarks you use the most, you be able to be pinned up to the Top Sites section. Firefox 57 will make it easier than ever before to go right to your most-used bookmarks on your Android device. You will notice so many changes to the bookmarks section of the Firefox Nightly update for Android.

This is all about personalization and customization. It will allow you to get to what you want right away, instead of having to look down your bookmark list. You still have some time though before Firefox Nightly for Android, which is version 57, is released. The stable release will not be out until sometime in November 2017. This still gives those add-on developers a couple months to change their add-ons to the new technology.

  • Kerry Bright

    I use Bookmark OS which allows me to sort my bookmarks. Does this allow for sorting?