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Firefox Quantum Released on iOS & Android

Nov 15, 2017

The new Firefox Quantum browser has been released on both iOS and Android. Firefox Quantum, which is Firefox 57, is going to be much quicker. In fact, it will be two-times as quick as the Firefox version that was released back in the spring. Firefox Quantum is on both iOS and Android as well as Mac. Both Linux and Windows also have the new Firefox Quantum release, so everyone should be able to get the newest Firefox update right now.

Firefox Quantum Hits iOS & Android With Speed Being Main Improvement

One of the biggest improvements with Firefox Quantum is the speed and overall smooth performance of the update. You will find that the speed has significantly improved on all versions of this Firefox update. There is no version of Firefox that is quicker than Quantum, and that includes mobile and PC versions of the browser. We told you a while ago that Firefox was about to launch Firefox 57, and with that will come a new look as well.

Talking about the look of Firefox Quantum, the user interface has changed. The new user interface is being called Photon. The user interface of Photon is much quicker and smoother than previous versions of the browser. Part of this is that the user interface has a new engine in it, and it will make the look and overall design of the interface different. There are more than 60 search providers pre-installed on Firefox Quantum. In the new Firefox browser, there are also more than 90 languages found, which means people from all over the world will be able to use this browser easily.

Firefox Quantum is a Major Upgrade to Previous Iterations

The new Firefox Quantum is a major release for company Mozilla. It brings new features, with a new look and much quicker performance. The app is going to be getting updates regularly, which will include even more new features coming up in the next few months. One thing we will tell you about Firefox Quantum is that in Canada and the United States, the default search provider has changed. Previously, Firefox used Yahoo as the default search provider. The company is now back to using Google as the default search in those two countries.

Another good feature of this new Firefox is that it uses less memory than even Google Chrome does. This is good news for those on mobile browsers because the memory usage is often what leads to slow performance and battery drainage. The new technology that is used in Firefox Quantum is sure to make your browsing experience much better, at least Mozilla seems to think so. If you would like to try out Firefox Quantum, you can head to Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store right now. Since a lot of people already use Firefox on mobile, you might already have the update on your iOS or Android device. So have you tried out the new Firefox browser yet on your mobile device? Do you think this is the best browser out there on mobile right now? Let us know in the comments what you think of this browser.

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