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First Android O Features Announced

Mar 20, 2017

The Google I/O is quickly approaching, with it being about two months away at this point in time. Even though we still have a couple months until the Google I/O, the first few details about the new Android operating system have been released. The new operating system for Android will be Android O, which is the next level in the alphabet since we just got Android Marshmallow a while back. We have some details about the new Android O and we thought you would like to know about them before Google I/O officially announces the new operating system.

Android O Details Emerging Ahead of Google I/O

There are some details that have been leaked out about the new Android O, which is Google’s upcoming Android operating system. Android O will be Android 8.0, following Android Nougat which was Android 7.0. Android 8 is expected to come with quite a few new features and we are very excited about the news coming out.

It appears that first and foremost, Android O is going to have app icon badges for the active notifications. Google has not had these app icon badges built into the native Android system, although some launchers out there have added this feature independently. It will be nice to finally have the app icon badges showing up for the active notifications through the native Android operating system.

Beyond that, we have a few more new features coming to Android O, including syncing. It appears that Android O is going to have the ability to sync across all devices, which would really be nice. We already saw a few things with Android Nougat, but it appears that complete device syncing abilities will finally be fully implemented with this new operating system. One rumor that is unsubstantiated at this point is that Android O is going to have picture-in-picture mode.


This is something that Apple has already put out there back in iOS 9, so it would be nice if Google caught up to Apple and finally put picture-in-picture mode out there. That is one rumor though that cannot be confirmed at this point in time. Picture-in-picture mode on iOS is just on the iPad, and we are thinking it will be available only for the Android tablets as well.

More Details About Android 8.0

We are also looking at Android O having a smart text selection, which has been dubbed Copy Less. This feature would remember what you did last without messing with all of the text handles. If you are unsure of what we mean, think of it as Android being able to store an address that is in Chrome and make it available on the clipboard. If you were talking on Messages about a new restaurant for example, and then you went over to look for where the place was located, this is when Copy Less would come in handy. This would allow you to not have to sit there and copy paste the address into a search.

We also have to talk about the fact that there will be a Google-Assistant toolbar widget coming. Improvements to various APIs will also be included in this update, as well as the ability to have low-powered background apps. There will be many improvements and new additions for Enterprise as well in Android O. We will also see live icons, which is something the Pixel already has with the Calendar icon. The live icon feature will be much more than just the Calendar though, so that will be cool as well.

Google will be holding the Google I/O on May 17 through May 19, and that is when we are expected to get more details about Android O. Until the official announcements are made by Google at the Google I/O, we have to just be happy with the little bits and pieces of information coming out from the inside sources. So far, Android 8.0 sounds like it will be bigger and better than Android Nougat.