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For your First Android Smartphone 10 must-have apps

Jul 5, 2016

For your First Android Smartphone 10 must-have apps: Many people are yet to migrate from the feature phones to the smartphones. While most of the smartphones users are familiar with the convenience that are provided by it, there is still the sizeable chunk of the feature-phone users who are unaware of the popular apps like Truecaller or even a simple antivirus application.For your First Android Smartphone 10 must-have apps

For your First Android Smartphone 10 must-have apps

So, if you are a new user to the Android ecosystem and also clueless as to which apps to download very first brand to the new Android phone, so here is the list of the essential apps that you should download right at the moment when you are connected to the Internet and after signing on to the Google.

Please note that this list is just for the reference and it is not meant to influence the choice of the users.

1. Antivirus:

So firstly, before exploring much of the new Android phone it is highly recommended to install an antivirus app. There are also several free options for the users like the 360 Security, ESET Mobile Security, Kaspersky, AVG Antivirus and more.

2. Truecaller:

Basically Truecaller is a handy caller ID app. It will allow the users to block the pesky calls. For first time smartphone users, this app is very useful in identifying the missed calls. However, it only works when connected to the Internet.

3. Social apps:

A smartphone is all about staying connected to the people. After getting the desired antivirus then download Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter etc to connect with the friends and family.

4. Music apps:

Transferring songs from the PCs to the mobile in the bulk used to be practice with the feature phones. However, now the first time users do not need to worry about downloading the songs to listen to them on to the Android smartphones. They can choose from music streaming apps like Saavn, Gaana, SoundClous, Wynk Music etc to listen to the music provided to them when they are connected to the Internet.

5. Transport apps:

Transport apps on the smartphones always come handy. First-time the smartphone users can consider the apps like Uber, Shuttl, Ola and others that are based on preference, to commute easily.

6. Shopping apps:

All the popular e-commerce companies have their respective Android apps. So by using the apps like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc to shop not only makes it easy for the user to browse products but there are some exclusive app-only that are offers as well.

7. Food apps:

For anyone who has just migrated to an Android smartphone, it might be overwhelming to discover the convenience that platform offers. Apps like Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato and others that are based on the location, they can use the app without any hassles to order food.

8. Mobile Wallets:

Mobile Wallets like Oxigen, Paytm and some others can be used to pay for the purchases instead of cash. Also, mobile wallets offer cashback and discount that can be encashed when needed.

9. Photo editing apps:

Users can also opt for the expert apps like Adobe Lightroom for editing the photographs that are shot by them on their smartphones. Some other apps include Snapseed, VSCO Cam or Instagram.

10. Games:

Smartphones can be meant for playing serious gaming too. On the Android there are countless gaming apps that the users can choose from. For starters, let us stick to Temple Run and Angry Birds.