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First Uncensored Adult Game Negligee: Love Stories Released on Steam

Sep 16, 2018

This week Negligee: Love Stories was released on Steam, as it was approved earlier in the week by Valve. Negligee: Love Stories is an uncensored adult hentai game and Valve has given approval for this uncensored game to be released on Steam. It was released onto the Steam platform on September 14, and Dharker Studio revealed this news just this week. Read on to learn more about Negligee: Love Stories and what this hentai game is all about.

Negligee: Love Stories Gets Valve Approval & Release on Steam

Negligee: Love Stories is now available on Steam and has been available only since September 14. The studio, Dharker Studio, made the announcement earlier this week that the game was approved by Valve. This is the first uncensored adult game to hit Steam ever since Valve changed the policies when it came to policing the adult content on the gaming platform. This game is a story that has four different parts to it, and there are a lot of sexual themes found in the game.

You will find sexual interactions, sexual themes in the dialogue, and also nudity all throughout Negligee: Love Stories. There is undressing in the game too, with girls being shown in skimpy outfits in the various parts of the story.

One thing to keep in mind with this Steam game is that all of the characters are supposed to be legal, meaning they are supposed to be over age 18. Since this is hentai, a lot of the characters look younger than what they are actually supposed to be. So in the game, all of the women are 18 or older, which is definitely a good thing.

Negligee: Love Stories Hit Steam as First Uncensored Adult Game

The Steam review process seemed to be pretty quick since the company only announced earlier in the week Negligee: Love Stories would be released on Steam. If you head to the Steam page right now, you are able to download Negligee: Love Stories. This game is the first completely uncensored game on Steam, so it should be interesting to see how all of this goes. You will find various outdoor sexual activities are in this game, and multiple partners are also part of the sexual activity.

There are other scenes in Negligee: Love Stories, including some that go into the realm of lesbian sexuality. You might be thinking that you have heard of this game before, which could be very true as it was approved a long time ago with a caveat. Initially, the game could be found with all of the hardcore sex-scenes and depictions removed.

So while you might have played or seen this game before, you have not played or seen the completely uncensored version. Speaking of uncensored, there are also sex workers, adultery, and abusive relationships found in the game too. Nymphomania and other pressured sexual situations can also be found within Negligee: Love Stories.

Negligee: Love Stories Pushes Boundaries on Steam

There is not another game on Steam right now that pushes the boundaries that Negligee: Love Stories does. Part of the reason this game pushes boundaries is due to some of the abusive sexual situations that the game depicts. As far as the game itself, there are four stories and you can explore these stories from various points of view. You can think of this game as a pornographic anime hentai game, and there are many sex-scenes to go through in the stories.

Valve did basically say anything goes these days, at least the new policy put in place in June pretty much said that. When Valve changed the policy in June, it said that any game can be approved for Steam as long as it was not illegal or trolling. Since the girls in this game are over the age of 18, there is nothing illegal in this game that could prevent it from being within the anything goes guidelines.

What Do You Think About Negligee: Love Stories?

We want to know what you think about Negligee: Love Stories though. Are you happy that uncensored sexually-themed games are now able to be viewed, downloaded, and played on Steam. Since this is an adult game, you will have to go through a certain confirmation page in order to view the game or to purchase the game itself.

These filters are put into place so that if you do not want to see adult games like this on Steam you do not have do. Once you get through the confirmation page, you will be directed to the Steam page for Negligee: Love Stories. Check out the game and tell us in the comments below what you think of the game itself. Is this a game that is a little too graphic for something you would generally be playing? Are hentai games going to become the hottest thing on Steam now? Tell us in the comments below your overall feelings on this game.