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Fitbit Blaze Review in First Impression

Mar 21, 2016

Fitbit Blaze Review in First Impression: It has been proved that Fitbit is the best in terms of making fitness trackers. There’s no doubt why nowadays you can see their trackers on about every other person’s wrist. They offer quality products which always fits every price range. But the question arising here is what happens if a fitness-first company wants to try making something more than just the lines of a Smartwatch? This question arose at CES 2016 when Fitbit revealed the Blaze “fitness watch”. What are the pros and cons of the Fitbit Blaze let us find out in the full review.Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze Review in First Impression

Design : the design is being taken very seriously by Fitbit. The new look of the new Blaze neither looks like a fitness tracker nor a standard smartwatch either. The company is trying out its own design with the blaze. The watch contains two main parts, one part is the watch band which is attached to a metal frame and the second part consist of small Black Square with display containing the device’s internals.  You can easily swap out watch bands by popping out the display portion.  Three different strap style is being offered by the company leather, metal and silicone. The metal frame is super sturdy making the watch very well built. Fitbit really did a great start with the Blaze on the design front.Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch

Display : The Blaze is the first device of Fitbit that sports a with a colour LCD display. The blaze measures 1.25 inches along with a resolution of 240 x 180. The screen is quiet satisfying and nice overall. You can see the watch both outdoors and indoor as the visibility is very good and the touch sensitivity also works just fine. The display is not an always-on kind so the screen will go black when not using it. But there is a response problem as you flick your wrist to check the time, sometimes you may have to press the side button to turn on the display rather than just flicking your wrist two three times.

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Features : the blaze covers up all the basics when it comes to fitness tracking. It very well tracks your distance travelled, floors climbed, steps taken, active minutes and calories burned. And also if you turn it on for the whole night then it can even track your sleeping patterns and heart rate. The watch does not have  a GPS tracking capabilities of its own and that’s a major drawback for a device this pricey. Things that are lacking in the blaze includes waterproofing. Seems like fans of Fitbit will need to wait more for this feature to be added.Fitbit Blaze Review

Software : the blaze has a home screen with a watch face and you get to choose from four different styles which are not good enough in the companion app. One nice thing about it is they all act and look differently. By swiping to the left you can scroll through the watch menus on the display.  And from there you can select FitStar, different workouts, alarms, Timers and the settings menu.

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Battery : Fitbit claims that the blaze can work up to 5 days after you charge it once and the is quiet true.  That’s a good thing that you don’t need to charge the blaze very often. The blaze do not have wireless charging so Charging this thing is a task, plugging a USB cable won’t just work. The charging system is quiet tricky, all you have to do is take it out of the metal frame and put it in a little plastic charging cradle, then all you have to do is hooking it up to a charging brick or a computer. But you’re lucky enough not to charge it too often in this annoying way.Fitbit Blaze Battery Status

Performance : Activity tracking :- the new blaze can track your distance, steps, floors and calories.  In all the four cases the Fitbit Blaze is very much accurate.Fitbit Blaze Black

Exercise tracking: There are few different exercises that is supported by the Blaze and it includes lifting weights, running, running on a treadmill, biking and using an elliptical. The blaze excels in figuring out what exercise you are doing automatically.Fitbit Blaze App

Heart rate tracking: You can turn on the HRM but it comes with an option of always on or off or you can keep it in auto mode so that is can track your heart rate when you are active.

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Sleep tracking: One good thing about Fitbit is it tracks sleep really good and so does the Blaze.

FitStar: Last year Fitbit’s exercise software called FitStar is one of the headline features and it is present in Blaze too. The FitStar menu enables you to select three different cardio routines.

1) Warm up

2) 7-Minute Workout

3) 10-Minute Abs.