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Fix for “i” Autocorrect Glitch on iOS Coming This Week

Nov 7, 2017

You probably have heard about the “i” autocorrect glitch going on right now for those running iOS 11. This glitch is not letting people type out the lowercase “i” and instead is correcting it to an “A” and then a question mark. Apple did come out with a work around temporarily for this problem after many people complained. The good news is that it looks like a fix is on the way with the upcoming release of iOS 11.2 beta. Read on to learn about the “i” autocorrect issue and how you can get around the issue until iOS 11.2 beta is released.

“i” Glitch Impacting iOS 11 Users

The glitch with not being able to write a lowercase “i” has been going on for more than a week. This autocorrect bug is really annoying since it changes the “i” to an “A” and then adds the question mark symbol. People have been complaining left and right about the problem, noting that it is only on those running iOS 11. We have good news though, since it appears this issue is fixed in the developer preview beta version of iOS 11.2. The public beta of iOS 11.2 should be released by the end of the week.

We do know that a spokesperson for Apple did confirm that an update will be fixing the “i” autocorrect issue. The spokesperson said that in the developer beta and public beta release of iOS 11.2, there will be a fix for this very annoying problem plaguing iOS 11 users. We are not sure if there will be a quicker release of the fix for the “i” autocorrect issue before iOS 11.2 rolls out. The official release for iOS 11.2 will not be until later this month.

If you get in on the public beta of iOS 11.2, you will have the fix before the official release. There are a lot of people who do not want to download the beta versions of iOS though, mostly due to them being a bit unstable. That is why we are hopeful Apple will release a secondary fix for the “i” autocorrect issue so that people will not have to wait for the official release or risk downloading the beta.

The iOS “i” Autocorrect Bug Workaround

There is a workaround for the iOS “i” autocorrect bug, which is good news to those who are suffering with this glitch. Apple first said that this bug was all about iOS 11.1, but it turns out that people running on just iOS 11 were also experiencing the problem too.

There were Apple devices, including iPads and iPhones, that were experiencing the problem running on iOS 11.0.3. Due to how prevalent the problem is right now, we expect that there are more people who have this issue that just have not reported it yet. As long as you have updated to iOS 11, you likely will be impacted by the glitch, although not everyone on iOS 11 is experiencing this issue.

The workaround for this bug involves you going into the Settings of your iOS device and setting up what is known as Text Replacement. You need to click “Settings” then go into “General” and click on “Keyboard.” From there, you will need to click on “Text Replacement” and click on the “+” button in order to add your new replacement text. When you see the Phrase field, you need to type “I” and then when you see the Shortcut field, you will need to type a lowercase “i.”

Even More “i” Autocorrect Bug Temporary Solutions

There is also another workaround that involves you turning off the Predictive keyboard. You can do this by going into the Settings as well. The bad thing is that Predictive text is widely used and not really a feature you want to turn off.

If none of those options are good for you, you also can just choose to use another keyboard. There is Gboard by Google that you can download and use and it is not impacted by this issue at all. Using a third-party keyboard app is considered one of the other workarounds, so there are a few options out there you can check out. Hopefully, within the next week or so, we will see another way to get the “i” autocorrect issue fixed that does not involve downloading the iOS 11.2 beta.