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How to Fix OK Google When It’s Not Working

Jun 23, 2017

Google Now is a very handy app, found on most Android smartphones and tablets. In a way, Google Now is supposed to be a digital assistant. Google Now allows you to quickly search for the answers to any questions you ask it. For instance, you can ask Google Now what the weather forecast will be like.

Google Now is also great as a planner, reminding you of your upcoming appointments. The way Google Now works differs on each Android smartphone and tablet. In this article, we are going to take a look at how you can fix OK Google when it’s not working. For those that don’t know, saying “OK Google” makes the assistant respond.

Android Language Settings

The “wrong” language settings on Android devices is the number one reason why OK Google doesn’t work. While Google Now is available in multiple different languages, you’ll still have to check your device’s language settings. First, you are going to have to make sure that the language you speak is listed as the main language of the device. It is possible that you speak multiple languages. In those cases, you can have multiple input languages on your device.

Google Now is able to distinguish between the different languages that you speak. However, it should be stated that English is the most recognized language. Speaking other languages to Google Now might not yield desirable results. Another thing that you can try is updating your language package. To do so, simply go to Voice settings first.

After that, you will have to tap on Search Language Settings and tap on Offline Speech Recognition. On this screen, you will find the language packages on your device. If you only use one language, you’ll only see that particular language. Simply tap on the language, check for updates and update if necessary.

Disable Samsung’s “S Voice” App

Samsung’s S Voice app is an attempt by Samsung to compete with other “Digital Assistant” apps. If you own a Samsung device, it is possible that the S Voice app and Google Now app aren’t compatible with each other. This means that the S Voice app hogs the microphone, not allowing for the Google Now app to work properly. If you are a Samsung device owner, and you’d like to use Google Now, you might want to disable the S Voice app on your device.

Android Device Microphone

Sometimes, the issues doesn’t have anything to do with settings on your device. Google Now requires a fully functional microphone to work. Google Now needs to be able to access your Android device’s microphone. If it has troubles accessing it, the app will simply not work. If that is the case for you, there are a number of things you can do to fix this problem.

Before you attempt to temper with the hardware of your device, you should first check if there are any apps using the microphone. Other apps on your Android device may also be using your microphone, creating “noises”. Before you start Google Now, make sure that you have shut down every other app that you don’t use. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can continue by cleaning up any dust or debris that has accumulated around your microphone.

The microphone port on Android devices are small holes. They are often found next to the charging port. What you can do is the following: take a safety pin, or something similar in size, and attempt to gently rub into the microphone hole. This often cleans out the dust and debris, opening up the way for the microphone. Check if your microphone works now.

Google Now Doesn’t Recognize your Voice

Another possibility for Google Now not working is because the app doesn’t recognize your voice. There can be a number of reasons for this. However, fixing the issue shouldn’t be a problem at all. All you have to do is make Google Now recognize your voice, allowing you to use the “OK Google” command again. To do this, you will have to follow the next steps:

  • Go to your “Google Settings” app
  • Find the “Search & Now” option and tap on it
  • Tap on “Voice”
  • Tap on “OK Google detection”
  • You will need to retrain Google Now, so tap on the “Retrain Voice Model” option
  • Using a clear voice, say “OK Google” three times
  • Google Now should now easily recognize your voice

Check your Internet Connection

If the above-mentioned fixes didn’t work for you, a last thing you can try is resetting your internet connection. You might not know it now, but Google Now requires access to a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Without either of those connections, Google Now will not work. If Google Now doesn’t work for you, you could try turning off and on your Wi-Fi and Mobile Data functions. If that doesn’t do it, you could always try to restart your modem by turning it off, waiting at least for thirty seconds and turning it back on. The last thing that you can try, if the other two options did not work for you, is to simply reboot your Android device, which usually fixes many of the common device issues.

Google Now Commands

If you end up fixing OK Google on your Android device, a world of functionality opens up for you. There are many different commands you can use on Google Now. You can ask Google Now to write one of your contacts a message. You can ask it to search for some documents in your Google Drive. There are simply too many commands to list here. If you want to check out each and every command that is available for Google Now, you can use this website. The link will take you to ok.google.io, a website that sorts each command into handy categories. If you are thinking about using Google Now, you should definitely check that website out.

Download Google Now

Google Now, OK Google can be used on both Android and iOS devices. The app simply comes in the form of a complete “Google” app, cleverly going by the name of Google. While the app is free to use, the Android version does state that the app contains ads. If you are interested in giving the app a try, simply click on one of the two links below, depending on your device.

Download Google Now for AndroidDownload Google Now for iOS