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Fling Application Increases Security and Adds Reactions

Oct 30, 2015

Some who would hate to send messages to random people all around the world, but others really love the idea of it – this is particularly evident from the popularity of the Fling application. The company behind the free application are aiming to make it much easier to send anonymous photos, as well as videos, while being completely harassment free.

The company, based in the United Kingdom, currently has over 4.5 million users worldwide. Users of the Fling application have shared over 50 billion moments with strangers around the world. Apparently, most of the users of the Fling application are between the age of 16 and 21 and live in United Kingdom as well as other areas of Europe – this is despite the fact that Fling is trying to quickly expand in the United States market, following their most recent update. On top of that, the company has managed to raise slightly under $20 million and a midway through process of raising much more.

What exactly is Fling?


The idea behind the Fling application is extremely simple, even though it can’t be slightly confusing for new users. After downloading Fling, users are provided with a set of on-screen directions which will teach them exactly how to use it. After completing the directions providers, most users are able to grasp the idea of Fling and start using it properly right away.

If someone comes across something which is really interesting, which they would like to share, then Fling is an amazing tool to use. Users are able to take a photo of the interesting subject, and send it to between 50 to 500 completely random people around the world. It is clear to see why Fling has managed to achieve the 50 billion shared moments.

Once someone sees a shared moment, they have the ability to reply using a new feature – this feature is called reactions. It works in similar ways to Snapchat stories, where users able to tap through the shared photos and then send the reactions to the people who picture was sent from.This makes for a great conversation, rather than just saying hello to each other.


As many people currently tell, there is a very big potential for people to send abuse via the Fling application. When the application was first launched, Fling was faced with a whole load of challenges – the biggest one was bullying and explicit images. This kind of abuse is very common for applications which provide a lot of anonymity, but it is important that Fling does not promote harassment.

The founder and CEO of Fling, Marco Nardone, said it is important that the application does not become a platform for users to bullying and harass others, “especially abuse targeted toward our female users,” so appropriate steps were taken to ensure this. To start off with, Fling removed a lot of the applications functionality including personal chats as well as replies – they then went on to put together a team to moderate the content. These Content moderators view every single piece of content which is sent publicly through the application. They will then take appropriate action on users who are sending abusive content.

As of now, things content moderation team consists of 20 screeners who, as a team, work 24 hours a day. This is to ensure that Fling users do not leave the application they suffer from a negative experience.

If necessary, the content moderation team will block any users who continue having their content removed from the application. With this moderation being done, the CEO says the application is in a good position to move forward as it continues to receive new users every day.

There’s also another announcement which the Fling CEO was very excited to tell users about. This was that the chat function will be available to all users in early November of this year, which will allow users to follow each other to send messages privately again. It’s worth noting that Fling will only moderate public messages, so they have also added the ability for users to report and block the abusive. This ensures that the application will not be used as a harassment platform.


Although many will think that sending photos to others through the web, who don’t even know, is an extremely dangerous way to communicate, Fling hope with their efforts the users will feel safe to share their moments with others.

Fling is free application, which is available for both iOS and android devices. |To use the application to its full extent, the device will, of course, require a camera.

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