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    Flying LARVA Cheats & Tips for Coins, Sausages, & Donuts

    Feb 9, 2017

    Flying LARVA has been developed and produced by an asian company that’s known as FLERO Games Co LTD for 2016. This company has been around for quite a while and they have already developed a few games of their own that have been quite successful. Enough to make a name for themselves. If you look closely into their portfolio you’ll notice how different each game is from the others and that particularity allows them to be a very successful development studio. They’ve tried to keep both platforms up to date and equal release dates and even though it gets complicated sometimes they still find a way to deliver which is something really good as it shows how committed they really are.

    They’ve been praised for their ability to provide the most immersive experiences on games that feature an interesting thematic that you wouldn’t have ever imagined before. But that’s not the main reason for their astounding success on the mobile industry as they’ve been around for quite a while providing a lot of high quality content on each one of their designs and a lot of variety to keep the market flowing in 2016. Their games feature crazy thematics that’ll keep you coming back for more every chance you get and there’s a high chance that you’ll get instantly hooked by any of them as they’re very experienced developers that try to take the audience seriously which results in a much more mature end product.


    The game itself has a really wide compatibility and it’s more than likely that you won’t experience any issues with the game given the fact that you only need an android device running android version 4.0.3 or any iOS device that’s running iOS 7.0 or later. This game is seeing a remarkable success on the Google Play Store as it’s packed with around 4.1 stars and around 5,000 total reviews which are mostly positive. However, that isn’t the case on the Apple platform as it hasn’t achieved the minimum amount of reviews to provide some statistics on how appreciated it really is on that particular platform during 2016.

    About Flying LARVA

    Flying LARVA features a very simple gameplay where you’ll have to jump from one platform to the other. Pretty straightforward, the difficulty comes from the part where you’ll have to dodge the enemies and traps strategically placed within the game. You’ll have to time your jumps so that you don’t jump straight to them and end up failing the level. However, they also have a very arcade-like feature that’ll allow you to go continue from that part where you’ve just died in exchange for 1 donut which is the premium currency found in it.

    That’s not mandatory and there isn’t any shame on starting over, it’s even better because you’ll be able to get those easy coins from the beginning of the level without having to worry that much about the traps and enemies because they’re scarce on those sections. The basic premise of the game is to get your larva to grow and there are tons of different powerups that will make such goal much easier. The game itself comes with enough features to keep everybody happy for quite a while and that’s something really good from a casual game. This game has been really successful and you’ll understand the reason at the very beginning of your playthrough because it’s just so much fun.


    Flying LARVA is currently available on both platforms iOS and android but it hasn’t been as popular as you might think it is on the iOS one. Even though the developers behind this game have tried to keep up on both platforms they haven’t been as successful on the iOS platform. I don’t really understand why because the developers actually put a lot of work on their games and that’s something highly noticeable right off the beginning and on the case of Flying LARVA you’ll notice how well-polished and developed this game really is.

    Flying LARVA is a pretty interesting game that’ll keep you busy for quite a while without having any issues. The game itself features a simple enough gameplay style to keep most players busy for a while without needing any special explanations at all. However, the developers implemented a few tutorials and tips anyway so that nobody experienced any issues with its gameplay.

    The game has also seen a few rough days as the players experienced a few issues with the game and weren’t able to save their progress which was really frustrating and most players ended up giving this game some bad reviews which hit them really hard as they were on the top of the Google Play Store. However, they’re getting there again because of how stable the game is at the moment and the fact that they’re still updating the game has built a very committed user base that will help you with any issues you might experience throughout your gameplay.

    Flying LARVA In Game Store

    Flying LARVA does have an in game store that’ll allow you to get a few boosters that will have a significant impact on your gameplay experience. Most of them will allow you to get an early start of 100 floors which will take you to more difficult floors that are also much more rewarded because of the amount of coins and sausages you’ll be able to find in there. There are also a few items that slow down the scroll speed which is useful if you want to take your time before making the jumps but have in mind that the scroll speed will still accelerate as you progress, just not as fast.


    There are plenty of items to choose from and you won’t regret using your coins to buy them as they’ll allow you to gain more coins as you go through it. However, have in mind that you can still buy some coins with the use of real currency. There’s also some sort of a premium currency that’s known as donuts and will allow you to continue playing after failing a level. Have in mind that the 2nd chance cost will dramatically increase after your first use.

    Cheats & Tips for Flying LARVA

    Flying LARVA has a very interesting gameplay still that even though it isn’t as innovative as the developers advertise it to be, is still something pretty good and fun to play. But the real reason I’m saying this is because of the amount of possibilities available for those wanting something more from the game and let me tell you, it really is possible. For instance, you can get a modded app from the web that gives you infinite coins and donuts and will allow you to obtain the highest position possible within the weekly leaderboards or just a few tips and techniques that might allow you to farm a lot of coins without having to spend a lot of time playing the game.

    As you go through Flying LARVA you’ll notice a few power ups that might appear during each of your playthroughs. Use this power ups on your advantage which might end up giving you a way to obtain much more coins without having to spend a lot of time starting right off the beginning once again. However, have in mind that some of this powerups can also put you in danger if you’re not very skilled as they might expose you to the traps a little bit more because of how big they can make you. I’d recommend you to obtain a good understanding on the game’s mechanics before trying to abuse the system with those powerups.


    The game’s basic premise is quite simple and while you might not have any issues with it, there are some users that might and the developers thought about it and prepared a series of good and explicit tutorials that’ll allow you to go through the game without any problems. However, have in mind that some of these tutorials will only explain the most basic things featured within the game and it’ll be up to you whether or not to use the game to its full potential.

    This game benefits greatly from a focused player and that’s very notorious given the fact that you’ll have to time your jumps properly so that you don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger. Find a quiet place where you can concentrate on the game and nothing else and that’ll boost your overall performance by an important measure. Have in mind that you should find a safe place to do this as you might be vulnerable to the environment while you’re focused on the game.

    However, don’t really worry about it and just focus on the game and you’ll notice an immediate jump on your performance. Timing your jumps will allow you to farm more resources while progressing through the game without any problems as you’ll be able to dodge the traps and enemies that have been strategically placed on the platforms. Also, there are a few bonuses depending on how far you’ve made it on a particular level, try to time your jumps properly and go as far as you can which will end up giving you these bonuses and a much better final score.


    You might find yourself dying a lot at the beginning. That might end up being a tad frustrating but don’t really worry about it as there is a solution for that particular issue and that’s to use donuts to keep going after dying which is quite nice. However, if you’re not in the mood to spend any money or you just won’t you can use the coins you’ve gathered from previous playthroughs and buy the Final Fever power up on the in game store.

    Flying LARVA Review

    Flying LARVA is a really fun game that might keep you playing for quite a while given its casual nature. The developers behind this game are very experienced and have pulled off interesting designs in the past that have been relatively successful. However, they haven’t been as popular on iOS as they’ve been on the android platform but they haven’t been bothered by that particular issue and they’re still trying to keep both platforms equally updated which is something quite nice and proves the maturity of the company per se. Most of their games feature a lot of really high quality content and Flying LARVA isn’t the exception as the game is just beautiful and will keep you coming back for more without you being aware of the addictiveness it created.

    The developing team behind this game covered pretty much all the rough corners that you could’ve found within its core and that’s the wisest move they could’ve made given the issues experienced in the past with the saves. The game per se doesn’t really have a storyline or anything for that matter but it does have a lot of original content as expected from these developers that have done pretty remarkable designs in the past and that means that you’ll have a lot of content to explore as the game features different phases during each of your playthroughs.


    The artwork department on this game is just good and you won’t experience any stutters during your gameplay as it’s been properly optimized to work on most devices. The general gameplay featured within this game is also worthy of being mentioned as the developers really tried to keep things simple without having any issues and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing because you won’t have any issues learning the basics and applying them to your own playthroughs.

    Something that really caught my attention is the fact that the soundtrack doesn’t really have any presence on the gameplay and that’s something that should be improved as most players actually benefit from that particular aspect because of how much it helps towards providing an immersive experience. But what it does have is a really good sound effects kit that will do just fine as it matches each of the graphic effects and pretty much everything that’s going on your screen to perfection. You won’t have any complaints on this particular department other than the low importance given to the soundtrack.

    Flying LARVA is a really interesting game that won’t have any issues keeping you coming back for quite a while as it features enough content to do so. You’ll have to discover the different environments of each of your playthrough and each of the powerups available during the game. The correct implementation of the premium currency also makes it even better as you don’t really need to pay up to be good at this game and that’s something that’s worthy of being mentioned as the micro-transactions aren’t invasive.

    Flying LARVA Ratings

    Artwork: The artwork featured within this game is something really worthy of being mentioned as it does an amazing job when it comes to providing a really good and immersive experience. The graphics are just amazing and you won’t have any issues understanding what this game is all about. I give Flying LARVA a 10/10 rating for its artwork.

    Music and Sound Effects: Something that caught my attention is the lack of importance given to the soundtrack of the game and while some players might ignore it, I think it’s something that really helps a lot towards providing a really good and immersive experience. However, that’s not the case for the sound effects kit as they actually fit everything that’s going on within your screen to perfection. I give Flying LARVA a 10/10 rating for its music and sound effects.

    Story and Originality: The game itself doesn’t really feature a storyline or anything for that matter. What it does have is enough original content to keep most players busy for quite a while and that’s something to be expected from this developers as they haven’t disappointed anyone in the past. I give Flying LARVA a 10/10 rating for its story and originality.

    General Gameplay: The gameplay featured within this game’s core is fairly simple as you’ll only have to get used to timing your jumps and you’ll be golden. But it might be a tad frustrating for some people who didn’t understood the basic premise of the game at first. That’s when the tutorials kick in and they do a remarkable job at it as they’re explicit enough to keep most players on track. However, the tutorials will only feature information of the most basic aspects of the game. I give Flying LARVA a 10/10 rating for its general gameplay.

    Addictiveness: Flying LARVA has a really easy time at becoming addictive and that’s just not fair. The game features enough original content to keep you coming back for quite a while and there is plenty of long term playability so, it’s not really a surprising fact that it keeps you entertained for long periods of time. I give Flying LARVA a 10/10 rating for its addictiveness.

    Overall, I give Flying LARVA a 10/10 rating.