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Fortnite for Android Finally Lands on Google Play

Apr 22, 2020

If you’ve been waiting anxiously for Fortnite for Android to come to Google Play Store, you’re in luck. It was just announced this week that Fortnite is finally on Google Play Store after a very long wait. As you likely know, Epic Games released Fortnite for Android through the Epic Games website as a direct download. Well, it appears Epic Games has finally decided to change and make the game available on Google Play Store as a free download. Keep reading to learn all about this decision and how it could impact Epic Games.

Epic Games Allows Fortnite for Android to Release on Google Play Store

Epic Games had a huge issue with Google which is why the Android version of Fortnite was only available as a direct download through the Epic Games website. The issue is that Google takes a 30 percent fee when it comes to in-app purchases. Epic Games thought that this fee was outrageous and decided to release the game itself as opposed to gaining more popularity through listing on Google Play Store.

It appears Epic Games has had a change of heart since now Fortnite for Android is now listed on Google Play Store. You can head to Google Play Store right now and download the incredibly popular game for free. Epic Games made an announcement about this which talked about how Google makes it pretty difficult for games and developers if they are going outside of the Google Play Store. Apps that are outside of the Google Play Store tend to get fewer downloads and also much less attention from gamers.

Epic Games Realizes Fortnite for Android Needs Google Play Store

You might be thinking that this is a huge turnabout for Epic Games, and that would be a true conclusion. Epic Games tried to fight Google claiming that the revenue from in-app purchases and how Google handles apps, in general, is illegal due to the huge market share. Google has a lot of ways to corner the market when it comes to games and apps for Android. Most notably, Google uses Google Play Protect to actually stop apps from being downloaded or played if the app was from outside of the Google Play Store.

In the statement, Epic Games said that Google makes it nearly impossible for apps and games outside of Google Play Store to run and function correctly. There are many security pop-ups for those apps downloaded outside of Google Play Store, and often times tries to say these apps are malware. There are also issues when it comes to carrier and manufacturer agreements that can restrict apps and games on Android.

Due to all of the issues in dealing with being outside of Google Play Store, Epic Games realized that the company is at a huge disadvantage doing things itself. Even though Epic Games has relented and put Fortnite for Android on Google Play Store, it can still be accessed via the official game website as well. So if you don’t want to go through Google Play, you can still head to the Epic Games website to download the game onto your Android device. For those that don’t like using outside sources, the option now exists to get the game through official Google Play Store channels.

Epic Games Blasts Google as Fortnite for Android Goes Live on Google Play Store

The funny part about Epic Games choosing to release Fortnite for Android through Google Play Store is that the company blasted Google as it made the announcement. Specifically, hitting Google for retaliation tactics for those that choose to go outside of Google Play Store.

Epic Games said that it hopes Google will change policies in the future to allow developers to engage with consumers and capitalism in a fair and just way. Open services and open payment services would allow others to compete with Google Play Store, and this is what Epic Games hopes will come to those on Android in the future.

In the comments below, we’d like to know what you think about Epic Games and this battle with Google. Do you think Epic Games was in the right to initially make Fortnite for Android available outside of the Google Play Store through the Epic Games website? Are you concerned that Google blocking third-party downloads using Play Protect is illegal or at least questionable? What do you think developers should do to make people more aware of the insane fees Google charges for in-app purchases? Will you be downloading Fortnite for Android now that it’s officially on Google Play Store?