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Fortnite on iOS Tops $15 Million in Earnings

Apr 10, 2018

Some great news happening right now regarding Fortnite on iOS as the game just reached over $15 million. The game was able to hit more than $15 million in earnings in just three weeks, which is pretty amazing. We have been talking quite a bit about this game in the past few weeks.

It seems to be a hit sensation with everyone, especially people who like the battle royale genre of mobile games. Sensor Tower, which is a mobile analytics firm, released this information. If you are thinking about getting Fortnite on iOS, read on to learn more about the amazing numbers.

Fortnite on iOS Already Generated Over $115 Million

It took three weeks for Fortnite on iOS to earn over $115 million, which is pretty amazing. Sensor Tower just released this data and it is showing just how well the free-to-play game is doing on the mobile market. This brings Fortnite on iOS up there with the heavyweight mobile games such as Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, and Candy Crush Saga.

In fact, Fortnite is currently beating all of these mobile games when it comes to revenue.  Candy Crush Saga is still doing very well considering it has been out for many years now. When it comes to these other games mentioned, they have all stayed near the top of the Apple App Store rankings.

These other mobile heavyweight games have managed to bring in revenue consistently and regularly, even though they have been out for a long time. When it comes to Fortnite, we will have to wait and see if this game will stand the test of time like these other mobile free-to-play games. The difference with Fortnite is that it only has in-app purchases that are focused on cosmetic items. These in-app cosmetic items include in-game animations for dancing and costumes. There is also the Battle Pass, which is the subscription for three months that you can get. The subscription service will cost you $9.99, which is actually not too bad.

Fortnite on iOS Revenue Not That Surprising

In all reality, the fact that Fortnite on iOS has generated this much revenue should not be that surprising. The game is both using the free playing concept as well as taking advantage of the popular genre of battle royale. The popularity and growing fan base of battle royale mobile games is what is making Fortnite such a success.

Epic Games borrowed a lot of the concept of Fortnite from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which has become a huge success. This basically is the concept of parachuting right onto a deserted island and about 100 players are put there to try to survive. There is only one person that will be standing at the end to be victorious, but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is more grown-up material.

When it comes to Fortnite on iOS, it is more family-friendly and the visuals are a lot more cartoon-like in nature. Another reason why this game has taken off so quick is that it is exactly like the desktop and gaming console versions. There is no difference between mobile, console, or the desktop versions, which allows you to see the same imagery.

The fact that the game is the same also allows you to maintain and mark your progress across all of the different platforms at the same time. There are in-app cosmetic items and skins that will transfer from the console or the desktop versions of the game that will also be on mobile. So the fact you buy something and it is available on all versions is what helps make the game a success.

Fortnite on iOS Has Potential for a Great Future

Even beyond that, the invitation-only limited aspect of Fortnite was also recently removed. This meant that anyone and everyone could download and play the game. Once Epic Games lifted this invitation-only restriction, the daily revenue tripled to nearly $2 million. According to Sensor Tower, it seems the game already has over 10 million downloads.

When you look at this game overall, it is not at all surprising that mobile has been able to generate this much revenue in such a short amount of time. Tell us in the comments what you think of Fortnite on iOS. Are you one of the people who were able to play the game during the invitation-only period? Do you think that this game is going to have the staying power of the heavyweights like Candy Crush Saga or Pokemon Go?