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Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Announced as Millions Join After iOS Release

Jun 18, 2018

Have you heard about the Fortnite World Cup that will be coming in sometime later in 2019? Epic Games announced that the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers will be happening this year to kick this off. This news comes as the iOS launch pushed the game to over 125 million monthly players.

We have been talking quite a bit about Fortnite lately, as the mobile game arrived on iOS a few months ago. With the iOS release, even more people are joining in on the fun. Keep reading to learn more about the Fortnite World Cup and the big announcement that was made from Epic Games this week.

Fortnite World Cup Set for Late 2019

While the Fortnite World Cup itself has been set for late in 2019, the Qualifiers are going to happen in the next few months. Epic Games announced that the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers will start in the Fall of 2018, which is great news for those who want to get in on this amazing competition.

There will be more than $100 million offered in the prizes for the competition. This competition will be happening in various locations throughout the world. Epic Games said that anyone can participate in the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. For the players out there, that means anyone has a chance to win.

Getting into more specifics about the Fortnite World Cup, there will be various levels of competition in various places all around the world. The $100 million is going to be split up between all of these events. The main competition, the Fortnite World Cup, will focus on the Duos and Solos.

There are going to be some squad-up opportunities though, during parts of the competition. Epic Games also announced that the company is not selling franchises or teams. Third-party leagues also are not going to be allowed to sell teams or franchises. The main qualification for the Fortnite World Cup is merit.

Fortnite World Cup Details Announced as Game Breaks 125 Million Players

Fortnite is a super popular survival game right now, and it has been racking up a ton of success. The game was then released for iOS back in March, which helped the game break over 125 million players for this past month. That is huge news for Epic Games, and it is because of the popularity of the game that the company has revealed more details about the Fortnite World Cup. The company promised there will be big prizes for the competition, and they were not kidding with the $100 million prizes.

Epic Games is still continuing the promotion of Fortnite on iOS now, which means there could be iOS-specific competitions coming as well. The company said that the schedules and details about the platforms for the competitions will be announced very soon. You might be thinking that $100 million in prizes seems like a lot for Epic Games. That would normally be right if we were talking about most other new mobile games launched this year. It would often times be too big of a reward for a developer to put up for competitions regardless.

How Epic Games Managed to Put up $100 Million for Fortnite World Cup

The thing is, Epic Games made over $25 million within the first month of Fortnite launching on iOS. The company is also looking at an Android launch, which will bring in even more success for the game. It is estimated that this year alone, Fortnite could manage $500 million in revenue. So spending $100 million on a Fortnite World Cup seems like change when the game itself could make five-times that amount in 2018.

When you are a developer and making this much money, the competitions seem like a smart move to get more people interested in the game itself. We want to know if you are planning on getting into the Fortnite World Cup. Are you going to be entering the competition when it becomes available? Do you think that the monetary prizes are going to get more people interested in the game? Are you excited for the Android release coming up in the future? Tell us what you think of Fortnite World Cup and the game itself in the comments below.