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Best Games Like Kahoot 2018 – Top Alternative’s For Kahoot

Apr 18, 2017

Kahoot is one of the best educational learning applications out there. In fact, Kahoot has become so popular since it was released that many games like Kahoot have been published via multiple platforms. We are going to tell you about the best games like Kahoot right now that are available but first, we wanted to tell you a little more about Kahoot.

Kahoot is often a formative assessment tool that is all about game-based learning. This is being used in the classrooms, both with K-12 and college-aged students. Even businesses are now using Kahoot for training purposes. In this game, teachers are often able to track the progress of the student when it comes to their learning objectives. You are able to identify both weaknesses and strengths, and you can review various subjects.

This game is basically social learning, which means that people often times are in a classroom environment around the screen. There are screen sharing tools available to play the games, such as Google Hangouts or Skype. You have a pin and then the person goes to the website and enters this pin. The user then can create a nickname and begin playing the various games after showing up in the lobby of the site.

Sometimes it is a quiz that are posted and the user will be able to answer on their own screen. Kahoot is on Android, iOS, web browser and many other platforms, so it is available for many different people. Even though the game is also on mobile, you still have to look up from your device since it is a social interaction type of learning game.

Even if you are having fun learning on Kahoot, you might be wondering what other types of learning games are out there and available. If you are an educator, you also might be looking for games like Kahoot that you can utilize in the classroom. Here are four great options if you are looking for games like Kahoot.

Top Four Games Like Kahoot – 2018 Edition


Socrative is available on iOS, Android, and the web, and is a great learning tool for students. This is a great alternative when talking about games like Kahoot because teachers are able to create the quizzes, then the students are able to take the quizzes using smartphones or the computer. The cool thing about this is that the teachers are able to grade the quizzes and check the quizzes right then and there, so you get to see results in real time. The quizzes are either in short-answer or open-ended and you also can include multiple choice or true and false.

There is a game involved in Socrative as well, just as in Kahoot. The game is Space Race and this allows the teams of students to compete with each other in order to try to launch rockets into space. There are even over 300,000 quizzes that people have already created that any teacher can use. If you really enjoy Kahoot and how it works with the gaming and educational elements between teachers and students, then this is the perfect alternative to Kahoot.


EDPuzzle is also one of the best games like Kahoot out there, and you can use this either as a teacher or student. Similar to Kahoot, you can learn through playing games and watching educational videos. With this program, which is available on both iOS and Android, teachers are able to make videos and edit them quickly.

The teachers are able to insert both quizzes and puzzles within the videos, and this is similar to Kahoot. Zaption is also another game that this is similar to, and since that closed down, you are quickly able to transfer your information from there over to EZPuzzle.


Another one of the best games like Kahoot available right now is Quizizz. This is a game that is similar to Kahoot because it allows you to play games and also review materials. The difference between the two games is that Quizizz only lets the questions and answers be on the device of the student, whereas Kahoot everyone sees the questions and the possible answers at the same time. Quizizz is great because it is paced by the student so there is no competition between students.

This is also a great game because they will be able to see how many of the answers they got right or wrong within seconds. The only downside is that with Kahoot, you answer one question and then see the right answer and you can discuss it as an entire group. That is different because Quizizz basically allows you to only review the questions once the entire game is completed.

Quizlet Live

Lastly, if we are talking about games like Kahoot, we need to mention Quizlet Live because this is a great option for students. In this game, the students are all put into groups and then all of the answer possibilities will be divided among the various devices.

This means that depending on how big the classroom is and the group size, the answers might not be on any of the devices from the people in one group. This means you have to rely on communication and teamwork because the groups will have to work together in order to figure out which student has the right answer to the question.

In terms of similarity to Kahoot, this format allows for interact and social teamwork, so it is very similar in terms of the concept. You will have various questions and answers in this game, with the flashcards already being made up for you. This is definitely a great choice if you are a teacher and need to get the educational learning across in a fun way.