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Freedom 251 got 25 lakh booking, but smartphone yet to be made

Feb 20, 2016

Freedom 251 got 25 lakh booking, but smartphone yet to be made: The hot news of the country has been the company ‘‘Ringing Bells’’ since it has launched ‘Freedom 251’ whose price is Rs 251. Indians are still puzzled when the whole world is asking questions regarding this smartphone. This Noida-based company had created lots of suspicion and disbelief. On Friday it had claimed that it reached a target of 25 lakh bookings in just two days. And for online pre-orders about 5 crore registration was made.  But the phones are yet to be made, Mohit Goel said,” I will reveal my business plans soon.” He further said that by the end of April the phones will start reaching customers. He didn’t transfer the booking money to his account yet and he claimed not to do so until he starts delivering the phone to the customers. When asked about the price of the phone Goel said, “I will come out and disclose my business plan in two days. We have reached the target of 25 lakh bookings and we will start distributing by April-end. We will set up two factories, one in Noida, another in Uttarakhand.” Note, Don’t buy Freedom 251 could be fraud.

Freedom 251 got 25 lakh booking
Freedom 251 got 25 lakh booking

Already an assembly plant has been set up in Noida. Costumers will get the phone based on first-come first-serve.  On the other hand those who could not pre-order the phone wants to know how else they can buy the phone. But it is strictly restricted to online ordering. After generating tremendous curiosity the company’s website has received 6 lakh hits per second and because of this it had crashed under pressure.

“We have enquired about his background run a basic check. Because such a huge amount is involved, we will make sure no fraud takes place. If need be, we will also keep his documents and passport in custody until clarity is given to everyone about the how he is going to manufacture and deliver the phones, and provides a time frame.” Said Anoop Singh, who is the DSP of GautamBudh Nagar, after his long meeting with Mohit Goel. The total cost of buying the phone is Rs. 291 which includes delivery charges of Rs.40.