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Fruit Attacks VR Heading to Steam Early Access

Jan 17, 2018

We have some good news about Fruit Attacks VR, this game is going to be on Steam Early Access. Fruit Attacks VR, which was developed by Nanali Studios, hits Steam Early Access in about a week. If you have Steam, you might be looking for a new VR game to play. Virtual Reality games are quickly becoming a hot genre on the PC gaming platform. Read on to learn more about Fruit Attacks VR and the move to Steam Early Access.

Fruit Attacks VR Hits Steam Early Access January 26

The good news is that Fruit Attacks VR will be coming to Steam Early Access January 26, 2018. That is a little more than a week away from now. This game is considered to be a casual defense shooting game that just happens to be in the middle of an alien invasion. The alien invasion happened because people are eating fruits, which is definitely an interesting concept. In the game, you will be able to pilot a SATI, and there are three different ones to choose from. The robots use sound waves to attack the fruit aliens, and that is the only way to kill the fruit aliens.

You might feel like you have heard the name Fruit Attacks VR before, and that is true. This VR version is based off of Fruit Attacks, which was a mobile game launched back in 2014. It has been downloaded more than 560,000 times since the release back in 2014. Now, this super popular inventive game is coming to Steam Early Access in a Virtual Reality mode. The gameplay in Fruit Attacks VR is very quick, as you have to deal with all kinds of enemies coming at you non-stop.

Fruit Attacks VR Is Suitable for All Ages

As we just mentioned, you have to be very quick in this game since enemies are coming at you all of the time in all directions. You also have to swap out your SATI within seconds because each enemy is going to require a different one to kill them. Even though this is a shooter game, it is suitable for all ages. This is because it has a lot of cartoon-like characters and there is not any graphic content involved in Fruit Attacks VR. The control system is very unique and the setting is also very original. The cartoon-like characters are part of the reason why this game is suitable for people of all ages.

There should be an official release of Fruit Attacks VR in the first-quarter, so it should not be on Steam Early Access for very long. It will then expand out to support other VR such as the Oculus Rift. That support will be coming later on down the road, well after it has been officially released on Steam. So if you do not have a Steam account, you will be able to check out Fruit Attacks VR in other formats. If you head to the Coming Soon part of Steam, you will notice the Fruit Attacks VR Steam page.

It is accessible right now, and you can also add the game to your wishlist as it currently stands. The game is going to cost $15 and you can buy it right from the Steam Store once it is released on January 26. Tell us in the comments what you think of this news. Are you happy that another VR game is coming to Steam? Have you played Fruit Attacks on your mobile device already? What are your overall thoughts about this inventive and original game?