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Gabe Newell Simulator Shows Up on Steam Early Access

Oct 14, 2015

If you have a Steam account then you know about Steam Early Access, it is where a lot of unfinished games go so that you can get a look at what the game is all about. While some of the games on Steam Early Access are horrible and not quite up to par for gamers, sometimes you can find some sweet gems on Steam Early Access. There are developers who actually use Steam Early Access to basically put out almost a completed finished game before actually releasing it, which can give the developers a heads up if there are any bugs or glitches that need fixed before the real deal.

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Well good news for those who are looking to find an interesting game on Steam, as Game Newell Simulator just launched on Steam Early Access. This is a very interesting game premise because it puts players into the shoes of the head honcho over at Valve, which is the company that runs Steam, and then gives the players the task of releasing Half-Life 3, which is one of the most long-awaited games ever. People have been clamoring for a Half Life 3 game for quite a long time, but it appears instead of a Half Life 3 game in real life, now it becomes your choice on whether or not the game gets released.

The Steam store page had a description of Gabe Newell Simulator which mentioned that this is a game for people who always wanted to be Gabe Newell, the PC Master Race. The description also said that you can impersonate Gaben and then help him fight off other companies and make the decision to finally release Half Life 3, or not. There will be drastic consequences for the entire universe and you will be able to explore various rooms and corridors of Valve Corporation. A lot of the rooms and corridors in the game are inspired by real ones that are within the Valve Corporation, including the secret lab and also the space station.

Among the many features of the game, there is also a claim that there are millions of Easter eggs in the game, and many more after the finished Early Access. Right now, there are only several of the million Easter eggs that were promised, which means that you might be waiting a really long time for the rest of those Easter eggs to present themselves. Also among the claims of the game, it says you can either eliminate Half Life 3 forever or you can release the game.

Currently, you can get the game for under $7 on Steam Early Access, with the full game expected to be released in December. The Early Access version is said to be about 70 percent of the game, since it is about 70 percent done at this point. In the full game, you will have more characters, Easter eggs, and more levels, and there might also be a multiplayer mode coming to the full game according to the developer of Game Newell Simulator. While some people believe that the trailer for Gabe Newell Simulator looked good, while others believe that this is just a huge joke played on Steam gamers by the man himself, the man behind Valve.

There are other Steam games that also have a premise like this game, including Goat Simulator, Shower With Your Dad Simulator, and Viscera Cleanup Detail. These types of games rely on the ridiculous premise of the game in order to sell more games, and most Steam players end up having fun with titles like this. Newell also does not have an issue with the game using his likeness, as the creator of Gabe Newell Simulator said that he got permission from the man himself beforehand. It makes sense he got permission because had the creator not had permission from Newell himself, there would be no way he would have been able to even publish the game on Steam Early Access.

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There are some people out there who believe that this is all a gimmick for an actual Half Life 3 release, which might end coming down the line eventually, or not. At this point, it seems that people are having fun with this game, although there are some people who really are taking this Steam Early Access game too seriously and end up making bad comments about it. Newell himself blessed the game, so at least on some level he knows not to take this game that seriously. At this point it is hard to say, but you can look for the full game coming by the end of the year, and who knows what other cool surprises might end up being on the Steam store by that time.