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Game of Thrones Conquest Pre-Registration Open on Android

Sep 2, 2017

We have some good news for you if you are looking for a new mobile game as Game of Thrones Conquest is soon coming to Android. The developer for Game of Thrones Conquest is Turbine and it is being published by Warner Brothers. This is an exciting MMO game that is an official title for Game of Thrones. If you are a fan of the hit HBO show, then you definitely should be thinking about getting in on Game of Thrones Conquest.

Game of Thrones Conquest Pre-Registration Live Now on Android

The hit HBO show Game of Thrones might just have ended for the season, and it could be up to two more years before we get season 8 of the hit fantasy show. You might be wondering what you could be doing in between the long wait for the final season. Well, we have some good news as the official Game of Thrones game, Game of Thrones Conquest, is now available for pre-registration on Google Play Store.

This upcoming game launch is said to be happening later in 2017 for Android, so we only have at most a few months until the official release of Game of Thrones Conquest. The fact that the pre-registration is already open is a good sign. Signing up now allows you to be notified immediately once the game has been released.

You can head to Google Play Store right now to pre-register for the free-to-play MMO Game of Thrones Conquest. If you pre-register on Google Play Store, you will get a Prepare for War Bundle pack, which is $50 in exclusive items for the game. In the Prepare for War Bundle, you will get 500 gold pieces, 24 hours of speed ups for the game, 1 million food and 1 million wood resources.

If you decide to pre-register, then you will also get three items based from the Night’s Watch. These Night’s Watch items include the Watcher of the Wall Helmet, Sword of Darkness, and the Chest Piece. There will likely be in-app purchases you can make in the game as well. Some of these in-app purchases could help you out when it comes to resources, although you should be fine without having to buy any of these in-game items.

Game of Thrones Conquest Game Details

As far as the game goes, Game of Thrones Conquest is an MMO strategy game that allows you to create a House in Westeros. Another part of this game is to make various alliances in the game, including with Houses of other players. You can fight your enemies to ensure you are getting land in various regions.

You will also be able to choose which way you would like your House to be, whether you want to be a diplomatic House or you want to be more militaristic in nature. If you have watched the show, then you know you definitely want to make a game plan since your goal is to get more land. In the game you also need to overtake the Houses that you will feel familiar with if you have watched Game of Thrones.

More Game of Thrones Conquest Information

You will notice King’s Landing, Casterly Rock and Winterfell are all included in this game. You will even find yourself interacting with some of the characters from the show in Game of Thrones Conquest. Some of these characters could help you out in your conquests and others could definitely make things more difficult for you.

While the game might not be as cool as watching the show on HBO, it could be a good way to pass the time while we wait for the final season. It also could be useful because it gives you a new perspective on the show since you will be the one making the strategies and trying to form alliances with the other Houses. Maybe give you a new respect for some of the less-liked characters in the show, such as Cersei.