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Top 4 Games like Gangstar Vegas in 2018

Feb 9, 2018

Did you know that there are a ton of apps like Gangstar Vegas available for you to play in 2018? If you have been looking for some apps like Gangstar Vegas, we are going to tell you about four great alternatives. Before we get to that though, we thought we would go over more about the game itself. This is a game that is all about Las Vegas, one of the most popular cities in the country. In Vegas, you have to deal with mafia, corrupt people, and gangs.

Sins are plentiful in Vegas, and you are one of the thousands that have sinned in the city. You can shoot rival gang members, steal cars, and much more in this game. There are over 80 missions in Gangstar Vegas, with an open-world game environment that allows you to go anywhere and do anything. All of the actions in the game have consequences, and one move can end your gaming experience. This is definitely a very fun game, where your imagination can run wild. If you have been trying to find other apps like Gangstar Vegas, here are four great options.

Top Four Games like Gangstar Vegas for 2018

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld– Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld is one of the top apps like Gangstar Vegas. This is an open-world environment game that has a ton of adventure and action within it. This is a brutal world where you have to try to kill other people before they kill you. You want to become a criminal legend in this game, so you need to think and act like a criminal. This game gives you a ton of freedom to try to make it in this harsh world.

There are also a lot of high-tech vehicles you can use in the game. Weapons, vehicles, and various gear will help you make the most out of this adventure. This is one of those games that you can easily get lost in, which is a good thing. Some people call this endless gameplay, which is true, and it is also very captivating. If you are looking for a game similar to Gangstar Vegas, then this is the best option out there.

Miami Crime Simulator 2– Miami Crime Simulator 2 is definitely one of the top apps like Gangstar Vegas out right now for mobile. This is another action and adventure game where you are in an open-world environment. In this game, you can steal cars and kill enemies. You will also find the graphics of this game to be pretty impressive and immersive since they are 3D. The sound effects are also pretty cool, making it a great alternative to Gangstar Vegas.

One thing you will love about this game too is that there are over 30 different weapons. This gives you a ton of options when it comes to killing off your enemies. The biggest part of this game is stealing cars, with some being targeted at certain locations. There is also the third-person shooting element of the game, which is pretty fun too. If you have been trying to find a good game to play, this would be a good choice if you love action, adventure, stealing cars, and killing enemies.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City– Grand Theft Auto Vice City is also one of the top apps like Gangstar Vegas. This is one of the best Grand Theft Auto games out there and it is all about a guy getting to the top of the criminal enterprise. You will be this guy and you have to fight to survive. Set in an open-world environment like Gangstar Vegas, you must go through the character-driven story and gameplay. You will love the violence and the all out brawls that are in this game, with many different activities and missions to go on.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is thought to be the best or almost the best Grand Theft Auto game, and there are many reasons for this. In this game, you will have a ton of opportunities at your disposal as you just recently moved into this town. You must rule and learn how to drive out the enemies, which then allows you to take over. If you think you have the skills to rid the town of your opposition, give this game a try.

Great The Auto 5- Great the Auto 5 is definitely one of the apps like Gangstar Vegas we wanted to mention. This is a great game that has a ton of realistic elements to it, and the environment is all in 3D. In this third-person game, you will try to get to the top of the mafia chain, and it is not easy. There are gangs that are looking to kill you. People on your own side try to kill you because you are trying to climb up from the bottom into the top position.

You can rob banks, kill enemies and rival gang members, and so much more in this game. If you want to beat a gangster, you have to think and act like one. You want to become the Godfather, well it is easier said than done in this game. The controls are very easy to learn in this game, and it will remind you a lot of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. A lot of the gameplay and mechanics in this game are similar to Gangstar Vegas, so you will enjoy it if you are looking for a very similar alternative option.