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Games like Mass Effect in 2018 – Top 5 Best Alternatives

Apr 5, 2017

Mass Effect is a science fiction action role playing game that is played in the third person. It is developed by the Canadian company BioWare and is released for all major video game consoles. There are currently four games to the franchise and their stories all follow from one another. The story is as follows. You play as a soldier named Commander Shepard whose main mission is to save the galaxy from the mechanical invaders who are known as the Reapers. The games basically all follow this story and you play as Shepard as he goes and tries to stop these mechanical beings from taking over the galaxy. The latest game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, was just released in March of 2018. This game is the first Mass Effect game to feature open world emphasis and encourage the players to explore the galaxy rather than follow a linear pattern. So far, the game has received mixed reviews from fans, citing the main issue being the animations. Either way, this new addition to the series stays true to the space exploration themes and fighting evil invaders.

Fans of Mass Effect tend to like the game for its role playing elements. The game is generally played in a very linear fashion, where you will go from place to place completing quests and advancing the plot of the game. There are six different character classes for the player to choose from, and each one of these classes has a different specialization for the player to pick from. You will eventually be able to upgrade these specializations to make a super soldier, so the character that you pick in the beginning definitely matters. Players travel around the galaxy in a starship which is the main base of the game. The combat system in this game is a bit unlike any other because you can actually pause the game to take a more tactical look at what is going on. Basically, you control the commander of the squad, and the squad members are controlled by computers. You can then target specific enemies for the computers to shoot at, and must take down all the enemies before advancing.

I wanted the games on this list to be similar in the sense that they all have some sort of action role playing theme to them. I also wanted to stay true to theme of a science fiction game. So without any further introduction, here are what I consider to be the top five games like Mass Effect.

Games Like Mass Effect – 2018 Edition

  1. Skyrim

If you are a fan of the open world feel to the latest Mass Effect game, then Skyrim might be right up your alley. Although this is a super popular game that many gamers have already played, I do think it is one to consider to be like Mass Effect, and especially worth trying if you haven’t played it before. Skyrim is the newest game in the Elder Scrolls series and is similar to Mass Effect for its RPG elements. The story of Skyrim is relatively simple. You play as a “Dragonborn” who is sent off to prison. Luckily for you, as you are being carted off to your death, a dragon appears. Only you can stop the dragon infestation and save the world from the most powerful dragon who aims to take over the world.

I definitely think fans of Mass Effect will enjoy Skyrim for its RPG elements. Skyrim has a huge skill tree that allows the player to design what their character specializes in, and how to play the game. You can focus in on magic, hand to hand combat, or even archery. The possibilities to how to skill your character are almost endless. Skyrim can easily take up hundreds of hours, similar to some of the Mass Effect games, so if you are looking for a very rich and fulfilling game, you can’t get it better than Skyrim.

  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes place in the future and players control Adam Jensen, a man who is an ex SWAT officer and is currently employed as a security officer. The company that he works for gets attacked by a group of terrorists and kills Adam’s ex girlfriend, and leaving Adam almost dead. The company that he works for just happens to be specialized in artificial organs, so the company takes it upon themselves to save him through an extensive set of procedures that turn him into part machine. The game then follows his journey after this life saving surgery and Adam’s plans to avenge his

Fans of Mass Effect will enjoy Deus Ex because there are so many different ways to play through the game. You can play through as if it were a stealth game, or brute force your way through all of the scenarios. You can focus your character on being social to gain the relevant information needed to proceed, or hack your way through the game. You can continue to augment and upgrade yourself in a many number of ways as well.

  1. Fallout

The Fallout series is definitely one to consider for fans of Mass effect. These games are RPG games that have a huge open world for the players to explore. So like the newest Mass Effect, you can explore the world at your own pace without having to follow a linear story. Though, the story in Fallout is definitely present. There are also a number of different outcomes that can occur depending upon the choices that you make in the game.

I definitely recommend any Fallout game to fans of Mass Effect because of the FPS and RPG elements it possess. Fallout will take you through a wonderful map that you can explore and create an awesome character around. Similar to Mass Effect, there are a number of different ways you can build your character and play through the game.

  1. The Witcher

The Witcher is an action role playing game that is developed by CD Projekt RED. The Witcher is set in a science fiction world just like Mass Effect. This world is filled with all kinds of creatures that will have fans thinking and imaging them in real life. You can spec your character to play through the game however you please, so the choice of how to play the game is there.

I definitely recommend The Witcher to fans of Mass Effect for its RPG elements. The Witcher is another open world game, but the quests are very fulfilling to do. You can easily spend countless hours on this game just going through the side quests, so I definitely think fans of the Mass Effect series will appreciate the length of time you can spend on the game.

  1. Dragon Age

Dragon Age is what I consider to be the game that is closest to Mass Effect. It is developed by the same people who brought you Mass Effect, so you will definitely notice some artistic similarities. The Dragon Age series takes place in a very magical fantasy world that is filled with Dragons and other mythical creatures. There are plenty of different classes and skills for the player to learn, so fans of Mass Effect will recognize that.

I definitely recommend this game because of the similarities between the two games. Since they are made by the same company, you will definitely notice a lot of similarities in terms of game play and character progression. There are a lot of the same upgrades in this game that are in Mass Effect, and the characters are in a wonderful environment that is very memorable. I definitely think all fans should check out Dragon Age, as it is definitely one of the lesser known games on this list!