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Top 5 Games Like Monument Valley – 2018 Best Picks

Apr 18, 2017

Monument Valley is a great puzzle-platform action game that is single player. This game is developed for the mobile platform, so you can find Monument Valley on iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. We are going to tell you about the best games like Monument Valley that are out right now, but first, we wanted to tell you a little bit more about Monument Valley.

Monument Valley is a game where you control a princess named Ida. You have to go through various objects in the game as well as optical illusions. All the while, you are trying to get Princess Ida through the many parts of the game world, with many challenges along the way. You have pillars, bridges and other types of obstacles to overcome throughout each level of the game, with each level progressively getting more difficult. You also have to solve puzzles, which are pretty cool and challenging as well. You will find that the environment in Monument Valley is very colorful and positive, and the puzzles are all unique and interesting.

Even though Monument Valley is a fun game that you can enjoy for hours on end, you might also be wondering about other games like Monument Valley. There are several games like Monument Valley out there on the mobile platforms, along with some available on Steam and gaming consoles. Here is our list of the top five games like Monument Valley that you can play right now if you love puzzles and platform games.

5 Games Like Monument Valley – Best in 2018

Evo Explores

Evo Explores is one of the best games like Monument Valley that is out on iOS, Android, Windows, and Steam. Evo Explores is a puzzle-platform game just like Monument Valley and you will notice that the game details and graphics are similar to that of Monument Valley. Evo Explores got the inspiration for the game from Monument Valley, so there are many similar aspects to this game, including the gameplay and overall game mechanics.

In Evo Explores, you do not have physics or gravity, and this game allows you to enjoy a huge world that is all based on optical illusions. You will be able to manipulate various structures in this game in order to help you solve the puzzles. The puzzles in this game are complex and challenging, much like in Monument Valley. You play as a robot named Evo, and you need to find all of the secrets of the Planet Byte.

You can construct many different optical illusions and build your own paths. There are over 45 game levels and each one has interesting puzzles and music. Since the inspiration behind this game was Monument Valley, you will feel like you are playing that game because it is nearly identical in terms of premise and gameplay.

Back to Bed

Back to Bed is another one of the top games like Monument Valley out there and this game is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Steam. Back to Bed is a physics-based game that is also in the puzzle-platform genre, just like Monument Valley. You learn the story of Bob, who is a narcoleptic and sleeps during his work hours.

While he sleeps, he finds himself in a journey of danger, and he sleepwalks too. Back to Bed is a 3D puzzle game where you can interact with entities and various strange things. The puzzles in Back to Bed are strange and kind of twisted, since you are playing the character of someone who is in a sleep state.

The gameplay in this game is addicting and surreal and you will find yourself immersed in the story. If you loved Monument Valley because of the gameplay and mechanics, you will love Back to Bed because the mechanics and gameplay are similar. Back to Bed is definitely more of a surreal and interesting game, maybe even a little weird, but totally fun.


Wonderputt is available on both Windows and iOS and is one of the best games like Monument Valley that you can play through your mobile device. Wonderputt is a single-player puzzle-platform game just like Monument Valley. This game has a ton of action and adventure in it just like Monument Valley too. You will find yourself getting very lost in the excellent puzzles and challenges in this game. You have to complete these levels doing anything you can, and you can even earn skill points to help you unlock some cool upgrades.

Wonderputt takes place in a fictional world where everything is gold, with the goal being to explore the world and progress through the puzzles you have to solve. There are sand dunes, golf grounds, cool buildings and even hilltops in Wonderputt. There is quite a bit of work to do in this game and you will love the soundtrack as well. If you loved Monument Valley, there is no reason why you would not love Wonderputt because it is really fun and amusing.


We can’t talk about games like Monument Valley that you should try without mentioning Fez. Fez is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. This is an action-adventure single-player puzzle-platform game much like Monument Valley.

You will take on the role of Gomez, who lives in a world that is all 2D. You find a secret 3rd dimension and now you will be going on adventures in this new world. You have to help Gomez explore all of the 3D buildings and structures, and solve challenging puzzles along the way. There are treasures hidden in Fez that you will find, as well as solve and uncover various mysteries of this new hidden dimension.

There are obstacles that you have to avoid since they can kill you and if you touch anyone in the game you will die. You will have to start back over at the beginning point of the level if you die. There are a ton of stunning visual effects in this game, much like in Monument Valley. The gameplay and mechanics are similar to Monument Valley as well. If you loved Monument Valley but want something a little more in-depth and detailed then Fez is the game for you.


Lastly, on our list of games like Monument Valley we have Mekorama. This game is available on both iOS and Android and is considered a puzzle-platform game. This game is also single-player and has a ton of action and adventure in it. In Mekorama, you have various challenging levels you have to get through in this 3D world.

You are a robot in Mekorama and you have abilities such as flying with a jetpack or jumping. You have to solve various hurdles along the way, while at the same time trying to get through the barriers and obstacles put up. As you level-up in this game, the puzzles get more challenging, just like in Monument Valley. The graphics and visuals of Mekorama are pretty stunning for a mobile puzzle-platform game.

You also will find yourself getting immersed in the challenges and it is one of those very additive games. There are even options to build your own levels in the game, and you will have the chance to earn collectible cards too. If you loved the puzzles and challenges in Monument Valley, you will love Mekorama.