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GarageBand Mac & iOS Updates Add New Features

Jun 7, 2017

Apple just recently has updated GarageBand both for iOS and Mac. The new update brings changes to both the iOS version and the Mac version, including the ability for cross-platform integration. If you like making music or just like to have fun with the different sounds in GarageBand, read on to learn more about the new features and changes that have hit both iOS and Mac versions of this popular software.

GarageBand Mac Update Adds New Features & iOS Integration

One of the biggest changes and new features coming out of the GarageBand Mac update, is the new cross-platform integration. With the new Mac version, which is version 10.2, you will be able to add tracks to the sessions you have on your Mac using the iOS version of the app. This is something that users have been asking for, so it is great to see this option finally available on the Mac version. There is also a newly redesigned user interface in the Mac version, which makes the program look a lot cleaner and smoother. You will find that the functionality of the Mac version is also more appealing and has been given some new upgrades.

There are three more players added to the Mac version of GarageBand, including Songwriter, Pop, and Latin. Beyond these changes, you will also notice that the Touch Bar has been updated as well. There is now a much quicker way to navigate around the software with the added touch screen option. You also will notice that there are new Drummer loops that have been added to GarageBand. These drummer loops can be personalized and changed using the performance controls.

Of course, you will be able to add these Drummer loops to your songs, and it is a very simple process to get them integrated into your music. With the slew of changes on GarageBand for Mac, you will find that the program is a lot easier to use and looks a lot more modern. The changes will allow you to add various instruments to your songs easily, while at the same time giving you the ability to integrate with iOS like never before.

GarageBand Updates iOS App

Speaking of iOS, the new version of GarageBand for iOS is out now as well. The new version of GarageBand for iOS is 2.2.2, and in this version there are not really that many new offerings. The biggest changes coming to the iOS version is just basically performance and stability improvements. There are some new bug fixes in this update as well, which is good news for people who use this app on their iOS device but have noticed some issues with the previous versions.

You can go over to Apple’s App Store and download the new and improved version of GarageBand right now, which is version 2.2.2. While you might be disappointed that this update for iOS does not contain any real new features, it does improve the app overall and that is definitely needed. Since the new Mac version of this app is filled with more improvements, we likely will see that iOS will get a better update in the near future.

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