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Gboard for Android Gets Stability Update

Jan 18, 2017

It was in May that Gboard was released for iOS, but it only has been out for Android devices for about a month. Gboard for Android has done very well in terms of success since it launched on Google Play, but an issue was coming up where there was quite a bit of lag. A new update just launched for Gboard through Google Play promises to fix this lag issue.

Gboard Android Update Fixes Lag Issue

Gboard for Android has been fairly unstable since it launched about a month ago on Google Play. That is pretty much the only problem users have had with this keyboard. Sometimes the lag in Gboard was so bad that it made the entire app unstable to the point of freezing, which of course is not good for users of this app. It seems that this problem of lag only was happening on the Android version of the app, which makes sense because it just came out on Android.

Google just released an update for the Gboard which is said to fix those lag issues for good. This is great news for users of Gboard, since everything else about the app has been impressive. If you did not know, Gboard used to be Google Keyboard, but in December it was renamed and given a new look. When the app launched in December, it included a “G” button which you could just tap in order to search Google from the app itself. You must have this feature enabled to use it, but it saves you time if you want to do a quick Google search since you did not even have to leave the app. This feature was already out on iOS, along with the multi-language support features.

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While Gboard for Android went over as a huge hit since it released, the lag issues began pouring in pretty quickly. Sometimes the keyboard would not recognize that you tapped it, other times autocorrect would end up freezing the entire Android device. While not everyone using Gboard on Android experienced these types of lag issues and instability, it was enough of base for Google to begin working on an update to fix these lag issues. It seems that things are working well now on the newest app update to Gboard for Android, and the lag issues seem to be gone just as Google said it would be.

If you have Gboard on your Android device, you can wait for the over-the-air update which should be hitting your device anytime now. You also can head straight to Google Play and update your Gboard app to the newest version manually if you want to get rid of the lag issues now rather than through the over-the-air update. Whether you are switching in between the languages, using autocorrect, or you are just trying to type, you will notice that the issues are gone. If you have Gboard on your Android device, you should definitely be updating the app as soon as you can so that your app is also stable. You also want to update so that it does not interfere with the functionality of your Android device any longer.