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Gboard Android Update Adds Stickers & More

Aug 31, 2017

We have good news for you if you have the Gboard Android app on your mobile device. The Gboard Android app was just updated with new stickers and Bitmoji support. We know that there have been many changes to the Gboard Android app recently, and this new change will allow you to better express yourself via the app. Read on to learn all about the new Gboard for Android update, which is rolling out to Android devices right now.

Gboard Android Update Brings Bitmojis & Stickers

The biggest change coming with the Gboard Android update is that there is now support for both stickers and Bitmoji. Sometimes you might be trying to express how you feel, but you are unable to find a GIF that really brings out what you are feeling. Well, Gboard now has stickers and Bitmoji available to help you express yourself better when you are in communication with someone. These new features will increase your social skills since you will have new ways to communicate with friends and family.

You will now be able to put either Bitmoji or stickers into any of the apps that now support the image paste option. This is basically every social app out there at this point since nearly all of them support image pasting. If you are someone into text messaging or social networking apps, you will be able to use the stickers and Bitmoji as much as you would like with the Gboard Android update.

There are also some sticker packs available as well, with some being free while others will cost money. The sticker packs that will cost money in the Gboard Android app include those from Disney. Disney wants you to pay $1.99 for the sticker packs of Disney characters, such as the Star Wars pack. There are a lot of free sticker packs as well, such as the selfie stickers from Google Allo.

Gboard Android App Update Available Now

You will notice that there are Minion stickers too available in the Gboard Android update. The Minion stickers are free. There is also NBA and Hello Kitty options available. The really cool part about this news is that you can use these stickers on tons of different apps.

This is why it makes paying for some of the packs worth it if that is something you are into. The iOS users out there do not have the sticker support yet, although it could be coming down the road int eh future. There are a lot of stickers on iOS anyways thanks to iMessages, so iOS users probably do not need more stickers added to their collections.

If you are an Android user and want to get the new Bitmoji and stickers as part of this update, you can download the new version of the Gboard Android app right now. You will notice that the stickers and Bitmoji will be next to the GIF button and the emoticon button. If you have Gboard for Android on your device already, the update should be rolling out right now.

If you do not see the update as of right now, do not worry. It can take a day or so for all Android devices to be caught up with the over-the-air updates. We expect that there will be an update coming soon to iOS, although we are not sure what all will be included in that update. For right now though, the Gboard update is only available to the Android community. We will keep you posted if we hear any more information about an iOS release of the new Gboard update.