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Gboard Android Update Allows You to Draw Emojis

Jun 13, 2017

There is a new Gboard Android update available right now, and there are several new additions to Gboard in this update. If you have an Android device, you probably have the Google Gboard on your device since it is one of the best ways that you can communicate on your device. We are going to tell you all about the Gboard Android update, including all of the new features you will find in this latest version.

Gboard Android Update Recognizes Hand-Drawn Emojis

One of the biggest features to come with the Gboard Android update is the new technology to allow you to hand-draw various emojis. The new artificial intelligence that is behind Gboard has taken things to a new level since now Gboard will recognize those hand-drawn emojis. The artificial intelligence behind Gboard has been learning and going through a ton of data in order to be able to become a predictive software. Not only can you hand draw emojis with Gboard and it will recognize them, but it will also predict the next phrases in full. Previously, Gboard would predict the next word, but now full phrase prediction has come to the app.

While we are talking all about Android right now, you should know that iOS will be getting this update too sometime in the future. For now though, we are going to talk about the Gboard Android update, since it has been released, and the update is giving Android users even more ways to communicate quickly and effectively. The cool feature here is that there is basically Google has taken the Quick, Draw! Game and turned it into helping the artificial intelligence recognize drawings and what they mean.

Gboard can watch you draw something, like a horrible rendition of a cat for example, and then it will suggest an emoji that is similar to what you are drawing. The best part is that you do not have to be good at drawing for the new Gboard Android update to be able to guess what you are trying to draw.

More Gboard Android Update Details

When it comes to the Gboard artificial intelligence, all of the research Google does is important for the natural language abilities of Gboard. This means that when you are typing a word or phrase, the language understanding and learning will then be able to suggest the next words or phrases you might use due to the predictive abilities. Previously, Gboard could only predict the next word, but the new Gboard Android Update has enhanced these abilities to predict the next entire phrase you might be using.

This is really cool because now you will spend even less time trying to type out what you are saying, and this makes you more productive and also makes it possible to talk to more people at once. You will love how the predictions work because it will learn from you how you type, and the more you use it the more accurate it will be to what types of things you are saying.

Beyond that, the new Gboard android update includes more language support. We have seen Tsonga, K’iche’ and Ewe among others are now added. The only bad part is that you can type in the new languages but the artificial intelligence is not supported in these new languages. We also see that there are changes to the search function in the update, including the ability to show you more search results.

You will notice that there are also links to other apps outside of Gboard now, such as YouTube, Google Maps, and other useful apps that your search is relevant for. If you would like to see the enhanced abilities of Gboard, you can download the new Gboard Android update right now from Google Play Store. If you have Gboard already on your Android device, the new update should be rolling out over-the-air within the next few days if it has not already.