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Gboard for Android Update Includes New Editing Tools

Apr 27, 2017

Gboard for Android just got a new update that will allow you to quickly edit your text in a much more user-friendly fashion. If you have not heard about Gboard before, it is the Google Keyboard that is available on both iOS and Android. Developers have added quite a few additional features in Gboard for Android, and we are going to tell you all about the newest update to hit Google Play Store today.

Gboard for Android Includes Editing Tools & New Languages

One of the biggest changes in the Gboard for Android update that was just released is that you now have more editing tools at your disposal. These editing tools are going to be great because it will allow you to edit your text much quicker. You can click the “G” button to find the Quick Features Menu and then click on the Text Editing icon. You can edit, copy, paste, and select all much easier now with this new update.

You will also be able to click on “More” in the same Quick Features Menu and you then have even more options. Clicking on “More” will allow you to access the one-handed mode button. This will allow you to adjust both the position of the keyboard and the size of the keyboard. This also means you can quickly get to the content that you want to delete or edit quickly, which is really nice.

There are also new Gboard for Android language additions in this new update. There are 22 Indic languages now in Gboard for Android. Some of those languages include Urdu, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Gujarati. With these new language additions, there are now over 185 languages that are supported on Gboard for Android.

This is pretty amazing considering the fact that Gboard for Android has not been out that long. Most of the new language additions are for those who are in India since most of the other languages, such as German and French were added a long time ago. What might be even more amazing is that the Google team worked with a bunch of people throughout India and from India to learn about languages from the region that were lesser-known.

Even some of the lesser-popular languages that you might find around India are now part of Gboard for Android. The Gboard for Android already has transliteration support, which means you can type in one language and get it to read out in another language.

How to Get Gboard for Android Update

If you would like to try out the new Gboard for Android, you can head to Google Play Store and download the newest version right now. If you already have this Gboard app on your Android device, then you should see this update hitting your Android device within the next day or two. Some people might have already seen this new update hit their Android device if they have Gboard for Android installed already.

Since a lot of updates come in waves depending on the device you have, it could take your device a few extra days to get this update. If you would rather not wait for the update then you can just manually install the new update by heading over to Google Play Store right now and downloading the newest version of this app.

This new update is a sure way to help you edit and delete your texts much quicker, and also allow you to change wording no matter where on the page the errors you see are. You also might have realized that some of these features were already made available via the Beta Program.

If you were part of the Gboard for Android Beta, then you probably have already seen these new features and updates. If you are not part of the Beta Program for Gboard for Android, then you should sign up because you will be one of the first people to test out some of the new tools and features, like the new editing tools and language features that were just officially released for Gboard for Android.