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GEAR S2 Review & Pictures

Feb 3, 2016

GEAR S2 Review & Pictures: The brand new smart watch, Gear S2, has been successfully able to impress the people with excellent battery and a unique design and look.

GEAR S2 Clock
GEAR S2 Clock


  • The unique and sleek design that the watch comes with is attractive and hard to resist. The outer structure seems hardy and durable.
  • There are multi tasking facilities and several options available that make it very user friendly and useful.
  • The size seems perfect enough to be worn by all.
  • It has another unique thing that is it has bezel stands that can rotate that make it different from the other smart watches.
  • The battery life has made the smart watch very demanding. It is one of the market’s leading smart watches as far as battery life is concerned.
  • The display is good; you can adjust brightness according to your convenience. The resolution is good, which makes the watch attractive.
  • The performance is satisfactory. It does not hang unnecessarily and gives a good speed too.


  • Not all applications are compatible with the smart watch. Only a certain ones run, thus, usage is limited.
  • The auto brightness facility is not provided by the watch. It cannot adjust its brightness according to the surroundings.
  • There s no GPS facility and even speaker is not available on the smart watch.

This is not the first Smart watch that has been launched, but definitely one of the best. Samsungs is going to make it big although certain apps are not compatible with the gadget. It is the first smart watch by Samsung that has a round faced structure that makes it totally unique. This Android based smart watch has achieved a high success and is going to be challenging for the Apple smart watch.

Samsung’s first GEAR S2 smart watch is going to be working on Android, with a total new approach in the industry. Samsung has been successful in giving the watch a smart look as well as a luxurious look. The ones who want to wear the rugged kind of look can go for the Gear S2 and the ones who want to sport a look of luxury can opt for the Gear S2 Classic version. The silicon bands that are present in the watch does not wear or tear with usage, thus the watch actually never grows old.

The Gear S2 smart watches are available in two variants, that is the Wi-Fi variant and the other the 3G variant. The watch provides you an internal memory of 4GB, so you can download as many songs as you want.

The Gear S2 is can now be used with any Smartphone that works on operating system Android 4.4 or the versions after that. It is also supposed to become compatible with the Apple iOS phones very soon.

The Samsung Gear S2 will be a total new experience with all the new things that have been added to the ever increasing technology of smart watches. Check out this smart watch. Once you have done that, you will have to mark t under you essentials. Yes, it is a very useful device.