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How to Get More Likes on Instagram – Tips & Guide For Free Likes

Jun 7, 2017

Instagram is probably the most popular social platform in the world. Alongside Facebook and Twitter, Instagram generates millions of visitors a day, with millions of users that have their own accounts. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a little different. Instagram first started as a way to add filters to your photos, but it soon developed into a full-fledged social media platform.

Instagram is mostly known for its capability of sharing photos/videos with others. Just like on Facebook, you can like photos and videos on Instagram, as well as write comments underneath posts. In this article, you will learn how to get more likes and followers on Instagram. It is quite simple, and anyone with an Instagram account can do it!

Check your Instagram Feed

When you take a look at your personal Instagram Feed, what do you see? Perhaps you have a certain style of photos and videos, or maybe there is no structure at all. Do you have more natural photos, or have you edited them, added filters to them? Potential followers usually decide within a few seconds if they want to follow your Instagram profile or not.

Of course, having more followers usually means that you will get more likes on Instagram. You should try to post original, beautifully edited and high-quality photos and videos to your Instagram Feed. Doing so will most certainly result in you getting more followers, thus more likes.

Make use of hashtags

If you want people to be able to find your photos and videos online, adding hashtags will do the trick for you. For instance, if you post a lot of food related photos and videos, you should add food related hashtags to your posts. The more popular a hashtag is, the better. Hashtags also work best when written in English, even if your native language isn’t English.

Instagram is a social media platform that is used around the globe, and most users have at least a basic understanding of English. Therefore, you should always use English to reach more people. It is advised that you use at least five hashtags per post, but more hashtags are welcome.

Like photos and videos

By liking photos and videos of other people, they will potentially visit your Instagram profile as well. They might become curious to see who liked their photos and videos. Who knows, maybe they will even like a few photos and videos of your own. If your posts have a certain topic, such as food related, you should try to find posts by searching them on the hashtags that you used.

By doing so, other food enthusiasts might take a look at your profile. You can try to like hundreds of photos and videos, or you can only like the ones that stand out. Find people that share the same interests as you do. This will increase the chance of them ending up on your Instagram feed. It will also increase the likelihood of you getting more likes.

Follow other Instagram users

Just like liking posts, you can also establish a connection with Instagram users by following them. Sometimes, you will see Instagram accounts that follow thousands of people, in the hopes that some of them will follow back. If this is something you are willing to do, give it a try, as it will most likely generate more Instagram likes.

You can also follow popular people on Instagram for a couple of days, wait until they follow you back and “unfollow” them afterwards. It all depends on your style. However, following people will certainly generate more traffic to your Instagram feed, and potentially get you more likes on your posts.

Comment on posts

You can get the attention of a lot of people by commenting on random posts on Instagram. Those comments shouldn’t be long stories, but rather short and to the point. Even a couple of words, combined with several cute emoji, might do the trick. For instance, if someone is wearing a nice dress in one of her photos, you can comment on it.

Keeping your comments relative will definitely help you out here. Having a unique profile picture will surely attract the attention of people, especially when you post a lot of comments. Keep commenting on posts, either of your followers, or simply random people, to get more Instagram likes.

Public vs. Private profile

On Instagram, you can either have a public or a private profile. When you set your profile on private, only people that follow you can see your Instagram posts. Some people choose to have a private profile because they want more privacy. For example, some people only want to share their photos and videos with their friends and family members, and not with the entire world. However, having a private profile does mean that you will get less exposure.

The key to getting more likes on Instagram is exposure. If you want more likes on Instagram, you should definitely consider making your Instagram profile public. If you already have too many photos and videos that you don’t want random people to see, you can always create a new Instagram account. There are a lot of people that have two Instagram accounts; one for friends and family members, and another one for random people. Public profiles simply get more followers, and thus will always have get more likes compared to private profiles.

Ask for likes

The last thing that you could try is to ask for likes on Instagram. There are relative hashtags that will attract a certain group of people. Examples of such hashtags are #likeforlike and #like. People using these hashtags are basically asking for likes. The #likeforlike hashtag is used to say that you can “trade” a like for a like.

For instance, by liking someone’s post with a #likeforlike hashtag, you can expect a like back. The #likeforlike hashtag has been around for a while, and most people actually honor it, as it means they will be getting more likes. If you are really looking for Instagram likes, and the other tips haven’t worked for you, you can always give the #likeforlike hashtag a try. Of course, it is not guaranteed that this will work.

Use Instagram Likes apps

There used to be many apps on Google Play Store and iOS App Store that allowed you to get likes on your Instagram posts. Those apps were basically utilizing the #likeforlike system. You would go on those apps, like random posts and save up some credits. After saving up credits, you could use them to get random people to like your posts.

It was a way to get more likes on your Instagram posts, but it did require you to like the posts of people that you didn’t even know. Unfortunately, most of the Instagram Like apps have been removed from the app markets. However, there are still a few around that will help you to get more likes. You can find those apps by searching for “Instagram Likes” on Google Play and iOS App Store.

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