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GIF Creator Being Tested in Facebook iOS App

Jul 14, 2017

Good news if you have an iOS device and currently use Facebook as the company is testing out a GIF creator on the iOS app. This is just the latest new feature to be tested out on Facebook as the company is trying to move forward with Facebook mobile. The new GIF creator will be a really cool addition to the social media app.

Facebook GIF Creator Being Tested on iOS

The main thing here is that the GIF creator is just now entering the testing phase on iOS, which means that it might not be a feature officially released for a little while. The GIF creator would be in the camera feature, and this would be within the actual Facebook iOS app itself. This would not be an additional app for iOS nor would it be attached to Facebook Messenger.

You will see the GIF creator button at the top of the Facebook iOS app screen, and this is where you need to click. Once you click the GIF creator button at the top, you will be able to use the camera to take video or photos. You will then be able to turn those videos and photos into GIF format and save them to your iOS device. You will be able to take the GIF you made with the GIF creator and then either choose to post that onto your Facebook page or you can put it into your Story section on Facebook.

When it comes to the new GIF creator being tested on the Facebook iOS app, this is an additional feature that will make the main Facebook app more fun. The only downside to the GIF creator in Facebook on iOS is that it seems the GIF will only last a couple seconds. This means that if you are into making a longer style of GIF, this might not be the best tool to use.

GIF Creator Brings More Fun to Facebook iOS App

When it comes to the GIF as a whole, it is one of the main forms of expression for people on Facebook and other social media apps. App developers on both iOS and Android have made a number of different apps focused on creating GIFs, but the new Facebook GIF creator adds a new level to the entertainment.

Speaking of Facebook, GIFs were not something that Facebook took to immediately, as a lot of other social networks were making them important from the get-go. It took until 2015 for Facebook to actually even support a GIF in the News Feed. Before that, Facebook did not enable the GIF because the company thought adding GIFs to the News Feed would just make things more chaotic. Videos are something that you can monetize. This is likely why Facebook has been focused on videos as opposed to things like the GIF.

Facebook seems to be getting over the issue it had with GIFs though, which should be apparent in the fact that a month ago Facebook added a GIF button onto the comment section. This was something that was rolled out on all Facebook platforms. The new GIF function on the Facebook iOS app seems to show that the company is trying to embrace the GIF like never before. The fact that the GIF creator even uses the Facebook Camera is a good sign that Facebook is finally going to make GIFs a priority, at least somewhat.

Speaking of GIFs, did you know 13 billion GIFs were sent within the past year on Facebook Messenger alone? That speaks volumes to just how popular GIFs are in the social media world and in the Internet realm altogether. The only other piece of information we know about the GIF creator on the Facebook iOS app is that it is definitely being tested out according to Facebook reps.

Facebook says more information about the GIF creator will be coming out in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to learn more about the cool feature. We do not know yet whether the GIF creator will be coming to the Android version of Facebook in testing format. It might just be rolled out eventually once the GIF creator is launched across all platforms.