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GIF Polling Hits Facebook iOS & Android Apps

Nov 6, 2017

There is a new Facebook feature rolling out on both iOS and Android called GIF polling. This is a feature that allows you to post a survey for your friends to answer. Instead of a traditional text poll, the Facebook GIF poll is done in GIF format. You have both pictures and GIFs as polling choices in the new feature, which is pretty entertaining. Read on to learn about the new GIF polling feature from Facebook, which is hitting both iOS and Android right now.

GIF Polling Rolls Out on Facebook iOS & Android Apps

The new GIF polling feature is pretty cool because you can use both pictures and GIFs as the options in your Facebook polls. The feature will work just as any normal survey would work, except you can use a GIF or picture as the responses instead of text. The only downside is that you have only two different GIF responses you can use in your Facebook poll. The creator of the poll on Facebook is who would be putting in the two GIFs or pictures to use as the responses for the poll. You can also use captions and various text within the GIF or picture too.

The downside about the two responses is that Twitter allows you to use four responses. We do not know why Facebook, being the big social media giant it is, would only allow for two GIF responses. It could be that Facebook wants the GIF polling to become a big thing on both iOS and Android.

Using only two responses will still allow the survey to load quickly and easily. The more GIF responses or pictures you use, then the more bogged down the app will become on both platforms. Facebook also seems to be moving towards more image-oriented material for surveys. Between both of these factors, it could be why Facebook is only allowing two responses in the GIF polling.

GIF Polling on Facebook Rolls Out Across All Platforms

Polling itself is not something that is new on Facebook, since polling has been one of the main features of the social media network for a while. The only difference here is that you can poll friends and family with the GIF polling. If you do not see the new GIF polling feature yet on iOS or Android, do not worry as it is still rolling out. It should be on the web version of the social network now, and then will roll out to iOS and Android in the coming days. If you would like to try out the new feature, it is pretty easy to find on mobile as well as the web version of Facebook.

Simply head to the Status area and bring up the extended menu and then scroll until you see Poll. From there, you will be able to add a photo or GIF to the two response fields. If you click on that you will see the selection of GIFs available to use. You can click on the GIF you want to use and then caption it if you would like. This will work for the second response as well.

From there, you can write your poll question in the Status section. After you get that done, select how long you want responses to go for and then publish the poll. This is all part of Facebook trying to increase engagement among the users on both iOS and Android. If you are excited about the new Facebook GIF polling feature, leave us a comment and tell us how you will use it.