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Giphy iOS Update Adds Live Photo GIF Feature

May 16, 2017

Giphy is one of the most popular GIF apps out there since it lets you quickly and easily find the GIF that you need. Now, a new update has come to Giphy for iOS, which allows you to quickly turn your favorite GIF into a Live Photo. Read on to learn more about the Giphy update and other interesting tidbits about the new feature.

Giphy Adds Live Photo Feature on iOS

The biggest thing that has come to Giphy in the new iOS update is the ability to turn your favorite GIFs into Live Photos. If you have ever saved a GIF into Photos before, you know that they do not move when you are looking at them through the Photos app. This new update will help you out because the Giphy update will allow you to see which GIFs you have saved within your camera roll much easier.

The new update will also allow you to put these animated GIFs as your lockscreen wallpaper. This means that if you want to use an animated and custom wallpaper, you will now have the ability to make that happen without any hassle. If you want to use the Live Photo feature in Giphy, it is pretty simple to do. Once you have found the GIF that you want in Giphy, you just click on it and then click on the ellipses icon. You will find that icon expands to give you more options, and then you want to click the circular icon.

The circular icon represents Live Photos, and you will notice that it is the same as the icon used by Apple in Photos. Clicking this will then give you the option to Save as a Live Photo. You can choose Full Screen or Fit to Screen. From there, you can go into the Photos app and click on the image and then click on the Share icon. You will then find the option to use the photo as your wallpaper.

More Information on Giphy Live Photos Feature

When you think about how great this new Giphy feature is, there are a couple of issues that do kind of lessen the fun of this new update. The biggest issue is that a lot of GIFs that you will find on this app are in low quality. That means when you move them to a wallpaper format, it will be a little blurry and fuzzy. Another issue is that once you save the GIF as a Live Photo, you will not be able to use it as a GIF in Messages as easily. It will not work natively after that, which means it will not loop in your Messages. When it comes to how that would work, you would need to press the GIF in order to play it just like you would have to with other Live Photos.

Even with those few issues, it is still worth checking out the new Live Photo feature on Giphy. You can download this app now if you have not already, and it is completely free on Apple’s App Store. You will need an iPhone 6S or above in order to get the Live Photos feature to work. If you already have this app installed on your iOS device, you should see the update hitting your device soon if you have not already. If you are still waiting for the over-the-air update to hit your iOS device, you might as well head to Apple’s App Store and download the updated version right now manually.