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Gmail Adds Swipe Action Customization to iOS App

Apr 2, 2019

In a much-awaited move, Google is bringing swipe action customization to the Gmail iOS app. This is great news for people who use the Gmail iOS app and who want to get things done much quicker.

There are going to be many new swipe actions within the app that are able to be customized. These swipe actions are definitely going to make life much easier for those on iOS and it’s something we’ve been waiting for. If you have the Gmail iOS app, read on to learn more about the new feature and what it’ll help you achieve.

Gmail iOS App Updates with New Swipe Action Customization

There are going to be new swipe action customization options on the Gmail iOS app, which are available right now if you update to the latest version of the app. The swipe action customization option is already available on Android and have been for nearly a year. As you likely know, swipe actions themselves have also been on iOS for a while too. The new ability to customize the swipe actions are going to make things much easier for those on iOS.

There are six customized swipe actions that will be hitting the iOS Gmail app. Those swipe actions include mark as read, archive, trash, snooze, mark as unread, and move to. We are excited to finally see these actions become customizable and it will be slowly rolling out over the next couple weeks. If you don’t see the feature as of yet, it should roll out within the next week or two. One really beneficial part about this change is that it will bring productivity to a whole new level on the Gmail iOS app.

Productivity a Centerpiece of New Swipe Action Customization on Gmail iOS App

There is a huge push within the Gmail app to add a lot more productivity features. Google is really moving forward with the notion that Gmail can be your go-to place for productivity. Small fixes and some new features are part of this enhancement. This is all going to make Gmail a more productive app for people all over the world. One of the bad parts about this move is that the Inbox by Gmail app is now shutdown and this has upset many fans.

Inbox had a lot of useful features such as auto-generated replies. It was an app designed really with productivity at the forefront. Even though Inbox is now gone, Google is moving forward with making Gmail the same productive app as Inbox was. We still have not seen all of the Inbox features hit Gmail yet, but the auto-generated replies has already moved over to Gmail.

Swipe Action Customization Rolls out to Gmail for iOS & We’re Very Excited for the Future

One more thing we wanted to tell you about these customizable swipe actions is that you can assign actions for both the left swipe and the right swipe. That means if you don’t like the default setup of left swipe and right swipe, you can go in and change those to how you want them. This is also going to make things easier for you. You can change it to fit your own needs and desires.

Google said that Gmail would be getting a redesign back in January, and we are seeing some of those changes and redesign options right now. The company also said that Gmail is going to be a lot better in terms of productivity in the future. The swipe action customization abilities are just one part of the commitment to productivity in the Gmail app. We are also hopeful that more Inbox features will be coming to Gmail in future updates. Since Inbox just shutdown for good within the past few days, we expect it will take some time to see all of those important features ported over to Gmail.

In the comment section below, we want to know what you think about this news regarding Gmail. Do you think it will really help productivity by having these customized actions at your fingertips? Were you one of the people who was upset by the Inbox app being shutdown for good? What other changes or new features are you hoping Gmail adds in the future? Tell us what you think about all of this news in the comments below.