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Gmail App Update on Android Now Lets You Send Money

Mar 15, 2017

If you have Gmail, you probably know that the desktop version of Gmail has let you send and receive money for the past few years. A new update to the Gmail app on Android though is letting you send and receive money through the Android Gmail app, which is great news. You will be able to send and receive money through the new app integration with Google Wallet even if someone who sent you money or is receiving money does not have a Gmail account.

Gmail App for Android Finally Gets Google Wallet Integration

Good news if you have an Android device, as Google just introduced integration between the Gmail app and Google Wallet. If you have the Gmail app on your Android device, you will now be able to receive or send money to anyone. You can even send money or get money from someone without a Gmail account, which is pretty cool.

While we have known that the Google Wallet option was integrated back with Gmail for desktop for about 4 years now, the integration with the Gmail app is completely new. This means that you will now be able to send or receive money just by attaching a file within the Gmail app on Android. If you want to access this Gmail app feature, just click on the paperclip, which is the attachment icon. Once you do that, you can choose the option request money or the option send money. You will then get a popup window, which will allow you to put in the amount of money you want to send or receive. From there, just add your special note to the message and click on send.

The good thing about this news is that you no longer need to have Google Wallet installed on your Android device since this is all done within the Gmail app. This is also great news because you can setup the money that you get in Gmail so that it will go right into your bank account. You also will not encounter any fees either when you use the Gmail app on Android to send or receive money.

The Goal of Gmail Google Wallet Integration

What Gmail for Android is trying to do here is really compete with other payment apps out there such as Square Cash, Venmo, and PayPal. Gmail for Android is looking to get into the payment app game by allowing you to quickly send or receive money without ever leaving the Gmail app. If you are talking with someone through email about money, you will now have an easier way to give them or get money from them, which is always nice. If you are emailing with friends or family about getting someone a gift and are asking for people to chip in, then this new Gmail integration will be nice as well.

Google seems to be trying to become more competitive in many areas, such as trying to find new features and ways that the Gmail app can help you communicate with one another. One way that people communicate is through email, and another way people communicate is by sending money or asking for money. Snapchat has also gotten into the payment game by starting Snapcash, which allows you to send money right from the Snapchat app. Another payment option is available through Facebook Messenger, which allows you to send or get money through Facebook. It seems that Google is trying to compete with all of these companies that are now setting foot into the mobile payments world, even if payments or finances are not the first function or feature of the app.

The sending money feature and Google Wallet integration should already be live on the Android Gmail app. There is no word yet on if other platforms will also get this new feature or if this is an exclusive for Android only. If you want to check out the new payment functions of Gmail, you can download the Gmail app for Android right now through Google Play Store.