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Gmail Compose Button Redesigned on Android

Jun 12, 2020

If you have an Android device, you might want to check out the new Gmail app that just rolled out to those on Android. The new version of Gmail, which is very 2020.05.17.313130477 on Android has a small yet very functional change we wanted to talk about. Keep reading to learn more about the redesign of the Gmail compose button on Android.

Gmail Compose Button Gets Redesign on Android & It’s More Visually Appealing

While we’ve talked quite a bit lately about changes that have been released to Gmail, usually we talk about new features for both iOS and Android. The change we wanted to talk about today involves the Android version of Gmail and it’s not a new feature like many have been hoping for. Instead, the change to the Gmail Android app has to do with a redesign of the compose button. As you likely remember, the compose button in Gmail for Android was pretty difficult to click and oftentimes looked awkward within the app.

Google has finally redesigned the compose button in the Android app and it looks a lot more visually appealing than before. The old-style was only introduced a year ago. Google already has decided that the look of the compose button needed a redo.

Thankfully, Google has decided to redesign the compose button and has decided to go with an oblong button with the word “compose” written inside of the button. Not only does this look much better visually, but it’s easier to click and easier to figure out where it’s at if you’re new to Gmail on Android.

Google Redesigns Compose Button & Floating Action Button on Android

Not only is the compose button much easier to see with the oblong icon with “compose” written inside of it, but changes have been made to the floating action button too. The floating action button, known as the FAB, can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Previously, when you would scroll in the app, the button would condense down into a circle with a plus in the middle of it. Now, if you scroll in the Gmail Android app the button condenses into a circle with a pen inside of it. It makes it much easier to know that the pen means compose as opposed to the plus sign.

What’s really cool is that these items are now in red, which matches the application and other highlights. It brings consistency to the Gmail Android app and the red color makes compose much easier to see as you are scrolling inside of the app.

If you are in the app and swipe up, the floating action button will expand back out, while scrolling down will condense it once again. It’s nice to have the ability to both expand and condense the buttons, although the location is still an issue for some. Some people tend to have their thumb on that bottom-right section of the app, so compose could be accidentally hit in certain situations.

Do You Use the Gmail Android App & Do You Like the Change?

One thing we don’t know right now is whether or not the visual changes will be coming to other Google apps, such as Docs and Drive. If you load up Drive or Docs, you will still see that multi-colored plus sign. The plus sign being in multi-colors represents the Google logo itself, which is also multi-color. That was part of the Material Theme update in 2018, but it appears for Gmail at least, Google is going in a different direction than the multi-color plus sign.

In the comments below, we want to know if you use the Gmail app on Android and what you think of the new look of the compose button. Do you think that the oblong Compose button makes it easier to see when you are in the app? Are you a fan of the floating action button and do you like it in the bottom-right part of the screen? If you don’t use the Gmail app at this time, we want to know what email app you use and what could make you switch to Gmail? Lastly, tell us whether or not you like the new features that Gmail has added to the web and app recently.