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Gmail Go App Launches on Android

Feb 19, 2018

A new lightweight Gmail app called Gmail Go just launched on Android. This new app is similar to other “Go” apps that Google has been making recently. Gmail Go is primarily designed for people that live in the developing countries, although it works for everyone who needs a lightweight app. The “Go” versions of apps are better at using mobile data and also take up less space on the smartphone. Read on to learn more about the new Gmail Go app for Android and what features it comes with.

Gmail Go App Now Available for Android

The new Gmail Go app is out for Android and this app was primarily designed for people in the developing countries. Emerging markets are very important to Google in helping Android maintain the most-used operating system status worldwide. The new Gmail Go app is a lightweight version of the main Gmail app, and it offers quite a few features. You will have conversation view, push notifications, multiple account support, and offers attachments. There is also priority in the app, which will allow you to see which emails are from your friends and family first. With this app, you also will get separate tabs for social emails and promotional emails.

Gmail Go also will not take up as much space on your Android device as the regular Gmail app. It is only 9.51MB to download, and it will take up about 25MB of space on your device. When you compare that to the Gmail app, it is 20.66MB to download, and it will end up taking up 47MB of storage. So you save a ton of room when it comes to the storage and the download itself is much smaller. This is really good for the lower-end Android devices out there that do not have that much room on them for storage.

Gmail Go on Android Provides Simple Experience

The Gmail Go app provides you with a simple email experience, although some issues are present. Some people have complained that the experience with this app is a bit choppier than with the regular Gmail app. The syncing abilities are also off a little bit, with it only syncing up about two or three times a week. This was made that way to save on the bandwidth and data, so that is why this app is great for people in those emerging markets. Other differences are less noticeable, since you still get the same main features and functions with Gmail Go as you do with the normal Gmail app.

When you look at other Go apps, YouTube Go has a ton of unique features available. This includes the ability to share videos with friends nearby, as well as download all of the videos for offline viewing. Gmail Go will not be available to everyone either, as it will only be available through the Google Play Store. You will need to also have Gmail Go pre-installed on your Android device in order for this to work, which limits it to people who have Android O Go. There are a ton of Go apps available for you to download, including Google Maps Go, YouTube Go, Files Go, Assistant Go, and Google Go.

So if you have Android O Go installed on your device, you should now be able to download the new Gmail Go. Tell us what you think of this new app in the comments below. If you have a lower-end Android device, then are you already enjoying the benefits of the Go edition of apps? Tell us how you feel about Google making these Go apps a priority for these lower-end devices in the comments below.


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