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Gmail iOS App Gets New Phishing Warning Protection

Aug 14, 2017

The Gmail iOS app has added a new phishing warning protection feature that is going to help keep you away from bad websites and links. The phishing protections were first put on Android devices back in May, and now iOS is getting the same warnings to help keep you safe if you use Gmail. Read on to learn more about the new Gmail iOS app update and how the new protections will keep you safe.

Gmail iOS App Updates with Phishing Warning Features

If you have used Gmail on Android recently, you probably have noticed the new phishing warnings that are now part of the Gmail app. The phishing warnings have finally launched on the Gmail iOS app, which is great news for people with an Apple device that use Gmail regularly. Gmail is one of the most common email services out there, and it is also one of the most common places to run into phishing scams. There are now two different warnings you will get in the Gmail iOS app to alert you of a possible phishing scam.

The new phishing protections will work if you are clicking on a link in an email. If Gmail thinks that the link is sketchy or possibly a phishing attempt, you will now be notified using two different methods. The first warning is if Google knows for sure that a website or link is used as a phishing scam.

If that is the case and the link is confirmed to be a phishing site, you will see a warning that tells you the website has already been identified as being a forgery. The warning will then go on to tell you that this website is trying to trick you into giving away personal information or financial information.

Gmail iOS App Receives Phishing Warnings in Latest Update

So the first layer of protection the Gmail iOS app provides you with now includes letting you know if a website or link has been positively identified as a bad website. The second layer of phishing protection you will get with this app update includes one where Google believes the site could be a phishing scam.

The second warning is basically Google saying that the website appears sketchy and that you should be cautious if you decide to proceed to the website. The warning specifically will say that the website is untrusted, and it will then ask you if you are sure you would like to proceed. So you have one warning of confirmed phishing sites and the second warning is just telling you to be careful because it looks sketchy.

There is also a way that you can report a site if it ended up being identified as a phishing site but it really is a legit website. You will be able to report those false positives to Google through the Gmail iOS app, which is really cool. While a lot of people know about phishing scams, there are still a ton of people who do not know what they are or how badly they can impact your entire life.

Gmail iOS App Update Helps Stop Phishing Attacks

Phishing is basically where a hacker will send an email from someone or from a company that you believe to be trusted. Common phishing scams come from spoofs of places like PayPal, Ebay, Apple or even your local bank. You will be asked to click a link, often to confirm information, and this is where you will enter your login information.

The kicker is that this website, although it often times looks 100 percent like the real website it is intending to be, it is a completely fake website designed to steal that login information. Screenshots and other types of things are used to capture your information, which then enables someone to access your account using your login and password. There are usually signs that the website is a phishing scam, including misspelled words and other grammatical errors.

If you look closely, you will see that the URL or email address of the sender is not really a legit email for that person or company. For example, it might say PayPall.com instead of PayPal or the email of the sender is applenews.com instead of just Apple.

There are more sophisticated phishing scams that actually do have the correct URL, so it is not guaranteed to be misspelled. Other things that could alert you include logos that are not correct or are in different colors than you know the real logo is. Even if you pay attention and are careful though, phishing scams are getting more sophisticated than ever before.

That is why the new Gmail iOS app update is so important. Gmail will allow you to send reports of known phishing sites and emails, and will add that to the list of known sites for the phishing protection. If you would like to get this added layer of security on your iOS device, you can download the new Gmail iOS app update right now from Apple’s App Store. You also can wait for the app to update on your device if you do not want to manually download the update.