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Gmail iOS App Testing Third-Party Email Accounts

Oct 17, 2017

The Gmail iOS app is testing out a new feature to allow you to have third-party email accounts setup. If you have an iOS device, then you might have setup email clients within the Mail app. That is what the new Gmail iOS app update is looking to bring. This new Gmail iOS app update is right now in Beta testing, so you need to sign up through the Google site in order to check it out. We have all of the latest news about the Gmail iOS app testing and what it might mean for you.

Gmail iOS App Beta Testing Third-Party Email Services

The really good news here is that it looks like that the Gmail iOS app will soon have third-party email services. While this might be in beta testing right now, it likely will make it out of beta testing in the next couple months. It could actually end up on the Gmail iOS app well before the end of the year. This new Gmail iOS app feature will allow Google to compete with the default Mail app on iOS. There are a lot of other third-party email apps out there too that Gmail will be competing with, such as Edison Mail.

On Android, Gmail has already had the ability to add third-party email accounts. Just like with Mail being pre-installed on iOS devices, Gmail is the pre-installed mail app on Android devices. Google might be changing how it is looking at the iOS app now though with this new ability. Previously, it seemed Google was content with letting the default Mail app on iOS take care of the third-party email services. Now, it appears Google is looking to reign supreme on iOS devices with the inclusion of third-party email accounts.

Gmail Testing New Third-Party Services on iOS

One bad thing about the new Gmail iOS testing on the third-party services is that you cannot change default mail clients on iOS. This means that the Apple Mail app will always be the default app, and that is not likely to change. If you would like to apply to be a beta tester for this Gmail third-party services app feature, you can do so right now. There are a couple of requirements though in order to become one of the iOS beta testers. You will need iOS 10, currently use the Gmail iOS app, and also have non-Gmail accounts you can link to. It seems that for right now, this is supporting third-party services like Yahoo and Outlook. There might be other IMAP email accounts supported, but right now the support is very limited to just a couple other third-party services.

We do not yet know when the third-party email services will actually come to the Gmail iOS app for everyone. It is hard to know with the beta testing, since it could last two weeks or two years. We will keep you updated when we hear more on the Gmail iOS app feature. If you do not want to wait and you meet the requirements, you might as well head on over to become a beta tester. Even if you do not get into the beta test for this, Gmail always has beta testing going on that might be of interest to you.