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Gmail Material Theme Redesign Finally Hits iOS & Android

Feb 26, 2019

We have been talking a lot about the material theme update for Gmail, but it seems it has finally rolled out to both iOS and Android. The Gmail material theme first rolled out to Android about a week ago, although some people are just now seeing the update. The material theme update is now being released on iOS, and we couldn’t be happier with this news.

It was just a month ago when Google announced the redesign of Gmail on both iOS and Android. This new redesign is mostly found within the material theme and this is an update that will make iOS and Android similar to the web version. Keep reading to learn more about the new material theme update that is arriving on both iOS and Android this week.

Google Brings Gmail Material Theme Redesign to iOS & Android

Around a month ago, Google had announced that the Gmail apps for both iOS and Android would get a new look. Google said that the material theme would be coming to both mobile apps, making it on par with the web version.

The web version was revamped in 2018, so it’s about time that the mobile apps get a revamp as well. We have good news about the revamp on both iOS and Android as it appears the new material theme redesign is hitting iOS right now. The new look had already started rolling out to those on Android about a week ago, although some people are still without the newest update.

You will notice that on iOS, the redesign changes the interface colors and it eliminates that bright red theme you might be used to. You will see a full-width search area at the top of the Gmail app. On the right side of the app you will see your avatar icon. If you tap on this avatar icon, you will see the account switch option. If you look to the left, you will see the hamburger icon, which is where you will click if you want to open the navigation drawer.

Gmail Material Theme Icons & More Now in Gmail iOS & Android Apps

You will find those new material theme designs and icons in the new Gmail iOS app and Android app. If you now look at the top of the Gmail app, you can see the word mark for Gmail, and then labels and folders. The new material theme redesign is noticeable when it come to both the new label appearance and folder appearance. Bold outlines and a more hollow interior are now part of the redesign, and you will see it with all of the other icons too.

The bottom part of the Gmail app now shows four different colors for the FAB. If you use the web version of Gmail, then you will note that this is the same design that the web version now uses. The FAB is where you go to compose your new emails, and there are also three new density views you can choose from. These density views are Compact, Comfortable, and Default.

If you choose Default, then you will see the attachments, documents, and photo names right there in your messages list. Choosing Comfortable on the other hand will eliminate the shortcuts that are pill-shaped. Compact basically will remove all sender icons so that you have a dense list. Initial setup asks you which density view you would like, but you also can change this later on through the Settings. Just click on “Settings” and then head to “Conversation list density” to change the view.

Do You Like the New Google Gmail Material Theme Update & Color Changes?

One thing that we love is that your labels now easily can be found within the conversation list. Another great addition is that you also get spam warnings, which help you weed out all of the spam and scam messages you might be getting. This new material theme update is a server-side update, which should be rolling out right now for those on iOS.

The release brings Gmail to version 5.0.190127 on iOS. While the Android version should have already rolled out, it is still possible you didn’t get this update. Head over to Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to download the newest Gmail app update right now.

Once you have checked out the new material theme redesign, we want to hear in the comments below what you think about it. Do you like how easy it is now to see all of your folders and icons? Is the big search area at the top helpful to you? Do you wish that Gmail would update quicker after the web version gets an update? What else do you hope to see in the Gmail iOS and Android app updates in the future?