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Go Groom with Lifelong SmoothShave LLES01G Wet & Dry Shaver For Men

Jul 21, 2016

Go Groom with Lifelong SmoothShave LLES01G Wet & Dry Shaver For Men: The Lifelong SmoothShave is ranked on the fifth best shaver which comes under 2000 Rs. We know you might haven’t heard about this brand till now, but Lifelong is known for producing high-quality electronic product at an inexpensive price. On the design front, It comes with an anti-slip hold that guarantees accuracy shaving even when the shaver is wet. Also, the shaver head comes with a shielding cover to protect it from getting damaged. Just put the shavers to charge for around 5 to 8 hours and you can use upto 45 minutes of cordless shaving. The main advantage of this shaver, it’s come with Portable head.

Go Groom with Lifelong SmoothShave LLES01G Wet & Dry Shaver For Men

The shaver’s cutter pate comes with the double round knife design that rises the shaving area by up to 50%. You can use these shavers with shaving foam or gel and relish a flat and close shave. Once you are done, you can only remove the head and wash it under running water. The main disadvantage of this shaver, body is not waterproof and should not be deep in water.Lifelong SmoothShave LLES01G Wet & Dry Shaver

Wet & Dry Shaving – Washable head

High Performance Shaver The Lifelong wet and dry shaver permits you to get a dry shave or water or shaving cream based, foamy wet shave. For those who are in a hurry, then can ditch the shaving cream and just use the dry manner in this shaver to get a fresh and smooth face.

The design of the shaver permits you to remove the head and wash  under running water. So go right ahead and apply a copious amount of shaving foam or cream and like a energizing shaving practice with this shaver. The shaver body is not waterproof and should not be engrossed in the water.

 Now it is time to forget the razors as this shaver guarantees you have one of the smoothest shave every time. Its cutter head with the dual circular knife design ensures an increase of up to 50% of the shaving area.  The head also has microbeads that ensure a gentle shave. The motor consumes 2.4 volts of power and can be operated easily using an electronic touch switch.

High Appearance and Easy Maintenance

Security Info, This shaver comes with a built in charging system that is quite easy to practice. With a charging time between 5 and 8 hours, you can enjoy up to 45 minutes of battery shaving. The nickel-cadmium batteries confirm a long lasting performance.Lifelong SmoothShave LLES01G Wet & Dry Shaver For Men

Apart from the removable head, this shaver comes with a protective cover for the shaver head as well. Also, if you are using the wet manner, you don’t have to worry about the shaver sliding from your hand as it comes with an anti-slip grip. The grip also ensures accuracy shave. In case you want to take this shaver with you during tours, you can use the travel lock feature to guarantee easy transport. Blade presentation reliable up to 2 years.

This SmoothShave LLES01G  is planned with a water-resistant cutter head, please remove the razor head out of the body before dusting or soaking under running water. Do not rinse the rest of the body portions in the running water, or immerse in water.

Key Features of Lifelong SmoothShave LLES01G Wet & Dry Shaver For Men
  • 45 mins cordless shave
  • Washable head with microbeads
  • Dynamic Flex Technology
  • Upto 6 hours of charge time
  • Travel friendly