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Goat Simulator Gets a Huge Discount for a Limited Time!

Sep 23, 2015

If you have ever wanted to play a game with no plot, very simple mechanics, and absurd humor then Goat Simulator is the game for you. This game allows the player to take control of their very own goat in 3rd person perspective which may not seem interesting but this goat has some powers that the people living in this virtual city should be afraid of. Currently this hit game is on sale as a part of the 100 Apps & Games at new low prices’ promo (there are other great deals that app store fanatics should check out but this is the biggest drop I saw in a popular game)! This game has gone down from a whopping $4.99 to a measly $0.99 so will this price cut make this computer game gone mobile really worth it?

Goat Simulator jetpack


When I say that anything is possible in this game I literally mean that the creators have thought of every possible ridiculous thing players can do with this goat. This game takes place in a little town where sadly all the citizens are victims to the cruel actions of this goat.  The mechanics of this game are quite simple on the mobile version using your fingers to control cameras and touch little icons to make your goat perform a certain action. The creators of this game wanted this game to be as simple as possible so that it will not take away time from all the crazy stunts you will do with you goat.

When I purchased this game the first thing I was I tried out was flying out because everyone who has tried out Goat Simulator has told me that flying is the funniest thing you can do with your goat. So I strapped on a jet pack ( which are easily attainable in this town which makes me question the authority) and I was sent flying around the town hitting the poor citizens in the way of my goat. Besides this I put on a few costumes that I had like the Slender Goat which adds a bit of dark humor as players chase around the poor citizens and blow them up with car bombs and simple household objects like a treadmill.

Is this Game Worth Buying?

For the huge price drop it has gotten this game is definitely worth giving a try and showing your friends all the humorous things your goat can do. Back when it was $4.99 it was quite expensive for a game with no exact plot or goal so with this price drop I highly recommend it as an app to entertain yourself or your friends with such simple game play. This game can be fun if you can easily use your imagination to make this goat do ridiculous things. Overall, if you are looking for a chuckle or just want to see some absurd game play through the snout of a goat, goat simulator is the choice for players. This app can be purchased here and do not forget to check out the other deals on the app store currently.