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Google Acquires GraphicsFuzz in Surprising Move

Aug 11, 2018

Google has acquired the graphics driver company GraphicsFuzz in an important move for the giant behind Android. As you might know, Android has a huge issue when it comes to the Android ecosystem as a whole. One reason for these issues is that the system is fractured, and also open-source. The hope is that this new move with acquiring GraphicsFuzz is going to be helpful to Android in the long run. We have all of the latest details about the GraphicsFuzz acquisition, so keep reading to learn more about this business move.

GraphicsFuzz was Just Acquired by Google

In an important move by Google, the company just announced the acquisition of GraphicsFuzz. GraphicsFuzz is a company that is known for building the frameworks for testing out reliability and security of the Android graphics drivers. This is a very surprising move for Google, as there was no indication this acquisition would be in the works. What is not surprising though, is that Google is trying to get a grip on all of the issues relating to Android graphics drivers.

The news of the acquisition of GraphicsFuzz comes the same week as the first release of Android Pie, which is Android 9.0. We do not have too much information on the acquisition itself, such as the price of the acquisition of GraphicsFuzz. We do know that this will help bring the new technology for testing drivers over to the Android system. There are three people on the team for GraphicsFuzz, including the co-founders Hugues Evrard and Alastair Donaldson. Paul Thomson is also part of the team, and all three will now be joining the Android graphics team.

GraphicsFuzz Acquisition is Great News for Google

When it comes to GraphicsFuzz, the company is known for pioneering automatic methods for the testing of graphics drivers. This testing involves both metamorphic testing as well as fuzzing, in a combination type of method. The combination method allows for the quick finding of bugs that could end up decreasing the security and reliability of the graphics drivers.

This all happens before the bugs end up impacting the user. Even though this acquisition is surprising, it is definitely a much-needed move for Android. There is a lot of fragmentation and fractures in the Android ecosystem. The graphics drivers are very important on Android and it is one of the many parts that make the Android device work. When the graphics drivers are broken, it is very apparent to the user and it happens right away. Beyond the graphics driver impacting the user right away, it also brings a security issue if the drivers are broken.

GraphicsFuzz Acquisition Hopefully Helps Stabilize Android Graphics Drivers

If you download any of the security bulletins that Google puts out, you will notice how many graphics drivers are patched up. That is because if the driver is broken, there is a huge vulnerability there that could lead to an attack or other exploitation. These definitely are issues that the Android users out there have been dealing with for a long time.

Software development has come a long way, including using the fuzzing technique that GraphicsFuzz is known for. We will have to wait and see just how well this acquisition works out for Google. Hopefully, adding this team in will bring more stability to Android and the graphics drivers that the operating system uses.

We want to know what you think about the news of Google acquiring GraphicsFuzz. Do you think this is a good move for Google? Are the security bulletins something you download every month? Have you noticed the uptick in the security issues surrounding the drivers like the graphics drivers on Android? What other important business moves do you think Google is going to make before the end of the year?