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Google Acquires Homework Helping App Socratic & Relaunches on iOS

Aug 19, 2019

We have great news if you are in need of a homeworking helping app this year as it was just announced Google has acquired the app Socratic. After Google acquired the app it quickly relaunched the app on iOS with the addition of AI technology supported by Google. Even though Google actually purchased the app last year, it just now is being publicly disclosed by Google. We have all of the latest news about this move and the relaunch on iOS, so keep reading to learn more.

Google Relaunches Socratic for iOS as Acquisition Becomes Public

We didn’t know until this past week that Google had acquired Socratic, as the company didn’t publicly talk about this move until just now. After Google made this announcement the app was relaunched on iOS, although we will have to wait a while for the Android version to be released.

In the relaunch of Socratic Google decided to add in support for the AI technology we have come to rely on from Google. Some people might be thinking that Socratic just helps with math homework, but in reality this app can help you with a bunch of subjects.

Socratic can help you with social studies, literature, math, science, and many other school subjects that you might be having trouble learning. You will be able to speak into your iOS device while using the app to ask your question or you can use your camera to take a photo to get the right answers. What we mean by this is that you are able to still take a photo from your homework of the question, and then the app will find the best match and solution.

Socratic Relaunches on iOS with focus on Algorithms

There are YouTube videos, a detailed explanation of the right answer, and also a questions and answer section in the matches. It’s as if Socratic is now actually a search engine by itself, and Google is focusing on algorithms to help you with your homework.

Google trained and built the algorithms that are used in the Socratic app now, which will analyze the question being asked. The underlying concepts are then figured out by these algorithms and the resources you need will be given to you. The app also has the ability to take the concepts and make them easier to follow by dividing them up into lessons.

Socratic is not just an app for people in elementary or middle school either, since the app has a ton of subject guides available for you to use regardless of your education level. There are over 1,000 different guides for both high school topics and even college.

Educators were used to help develop the subject guides and will help you in any subject that you are having trouble with. If you are just having issues understanding and learning a topic, Socratic can help you figure it out and understand the concepts behind it all.

You Can Download the New Socratic App right Now on iOS

Socratic will also be helpful if you need to study for a test, including tests at both the high school and college level. If you are trying to study for the SAT or ACT then this app would also be beneficial. You can try out the new Socratic app for iOS right now by downloading it through Apple’s App Store. We aren’t sure when the Android version will be released, but it’s likely to be in the next couple months.

Once you have had a chance to try out the new Socratic homework helping app, we want to know what you think about it in the comments below. Is this an app that you will be using during the upcoming school year?

Do you think that this app with the new AI technology is going to be more useful to you and help you learn the concepts of various subjects better? Are you happy that videos and simpler lessons are available to help you if you are still not getting the subject? What other homework helping apps have you used in the past?