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Google Allo Adds Export Tools as Discontinue Date Announced for 2019

Dec 12, 2018

Google Allo is officially going to be discontinued in 2019, which is why Google just rolled out some export tools in the latest update. The newest Google Allo update adds all kinds of export tools to help you backup your chat logs and media files. A lot of times when an app or product ends, you want to go back and save all of the data you have. These new export tools will make backing up your chat logs from Google Allo much easier. Read on to learn more about Google Allo being discontinued in 2019, and the new export tools that allow you to save your data from the app.

Google Allo Update Brings Export Tools as App Officially Ending in 2019

Google announced that Google Allo will be officially discontinued in March 2019. More specifically, the app will cease to exist come the end of the month of March 2019. For people who have media files and chat logs on the app, you might be thinking about backing up the data at this point. There was a new Google Allo update just released that allows you to backup and export that data.

The simple export tools that were added in the new Google Allo update will make it a lot easier to export and backup your chat logs and media files. There is just one tool you will need to use within the app in order to export your data. These export tools are basic in nature and pretty simple.

That is great news for people who have not previously used export tools. Go into the “Settings” then click on “Chat” to see the Export tools and actions within the app. There are only a couple Export options within the Settings, so it should be easy to find and begin using right now.

Google Allo Export Tools Explained as App Shutdown Looms

Giving you more details about the export tools, there is one option that will save your chat logs in a CSV file format. If you have never used CSV before, it just means comma-separated values. These files will show you the entire message itself, which is great.

This is very useful if you want a history of what you have said or someone said to you within the app. You will also find that you will see the name of the person who sent you the message, where it came from, and even timestamps. Exporting to the CSV will give you all important information about the chat conversations you have had in Google Allo.

There is also another option within the Export tools that will export all of your media files. This includes things such as audio recordings, videos, pictures, and all other kinds of media. With this media export option, you will have those files exported in a ZIP file format.

You will need to figure out where you want the ZIP file to go, just like you will need to do with the chat logs. That could be anywhere such as on your PC desktop, onto a USB drive, or any other place that has compatible file types. You can even choose to save your chat logs and media files right to your Android device or tablet if you wish.

Google Allo Exporting Tools Exclude Contact List

One thing we noticed about the exporting tools in Google Allo is that there is not a tool to export your contact list. This means that any family or friends in Google Allo not on your regular contact list are not saved or exported in any way. That means you should definitely be making a backup of that information right now.

This is especially true if you have people in Allo that are not saved through your Android device itself. We think that this is going to be the last update that Google Allo will see, since it will be shutting down within a few months. There seems to not be any other changes or additions in the latest Google Allo update beyond these new export tools.

Since the app is shutting down for good, it would make sense that there are no new features or other functions being added at this point in time. Google is also going to try to get people to move to the Meet app or the Google Hangouts Chat app once Allo shuts down for good. If you have not tried either of these apps yet, now would be a good time to check them out.

What Do You Think of Google Allo Export Tools & Announced Closure of the App?

There are all kinds of other chat and messaging apps available too, so you can choose other apps beyond Hangouts Chat or Meet. In the comments below, we want to know if you are currently using the Google Allo app. Do you like Allo or do you think it was a good move by Google to officially end this app?

It seems that it never really got off the ground or became a popular app like Google was hoping it would. If you are using Allo right now, make sure you grab the latest update so that you can export your media files and your chat logs before the app goes away in March 2019. Tell us in the comments what you think of this news and if this ending is what you expected would happen.