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Google Allo Updates With Android Auto Support

Mar 8, 2017

Google Allo has updated today to support Auto Android. If you have never heard of Google Allo before, it is one of the messaging apps that Google put out for Android. We are going to tell you all about the Google Allo update, including new features, and what it means for Android Auto.

Google Allo Now Supports Android Auto

Today, Google rolled out an update to Google Allo. Google Allo is one of the Android messaging apps and the update now gives you support for Android Auto. More cars and manufacturers are putting Android Auto in their cars, so support for Google Allo is a good move since it is becoming more popular in the auto industry.

The new update to the app gives you notification support for hands-free use if you are driving. The previous version of this app only allowed for the notifications to move behind the main interface when used on Android Auto. This is great because the message notifications will now be able to be used while you are driving with the hands-free support.

If you were using this app previously and got a message, you would notice that the notification would completely disappear behind the main interface on Android Auto, which was pretty annoying. The goal with that though was to prevent you from looking at the notification, thus eliminating distracted driving.

The new Google Allo update will allow you to reply to those messages and notifications with your voice. This means you will not have to look down and text on Android Auto and you will still get your message notifications instantly. You also can use a pre-written response in the app on Android Auto. The pre-written phrases and messages include things like “I am driving right now.”

Another cool addition to this app for Android Auto is that now Android Auto will read your messages out loud to you when you are driving. This is just another way to prevent distracted driving since you will not have to look down and read the messages. Android Auto will now have full support and capabilities to read those messages to you while you are on the road.

You will have the options right there on the Android Auto screen, including sending the pre-written response. You will also have the options of having a message read out loud to you, and also the option to call someone in your recent contact list.

Animated Emojis Also Added to Google Allo

One of the other big features coming to Google Allo with this update is animated emojis. These emojis can be found by just holding the send button and then sliding upward. You will then see the emojis and the ability to animate them before you send your message. This is a really cool addition and provides Google Allo with another feature that might make you use this app instead of another Android messaging app.

That is not all you get with the new Google Allo update, which should be rolling out right now to your Android device if you have over-the-air updates enabled. You will also get some performance improvements and bug fixes for this app. If you do not have this app on your Android device, you can head to Google Play Store and download the new version of Google Allo. Just like it always was, Google Allo is free to download via Google Play.

Now with the addition of Android Auto support, there is now another reason to download this popular Android messaging app. If you already have Google Allo on your Android device, you should see the update hitting your Android device within the next couple days, if you have not already seen the update which rolled out earlier today.