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Google Allo for Web Rolls Out for Android Only

Aug 15, 2017

We have good news if you have an Android device, as Google Allo has finally rolled out. The service is only available right now for Android, which means iOS users will have to wait in order to get Google Allo. We have the latest news about the chat application known as Google Allo so read on to learn more.

Google Allo Now Available for Android

Google Allo is now available on the web, but if you would like to use this new chat application you need to have an Android device. If you have not heard of Google Allo before, it is similar to Gchat in that you can talk to your friends and use various smart replies and stickers.

There is also integration with Google Assistant, and this is a service that has been talked about and in development for a while now. It was back in February that screenshots of Google Allo were made public, although back then, this chat application was still in the earlier stages of development.

It was back in July when the Head of product of Google Allow, Amit Fulay, said that the web client will be available in the next few weeks. Google Allo is similar to WhatsApp in that it will connect your smartphone to the web client, but for now the smartphone connection is only available for Android. It will be a few more weeks probably before iOS is supported.

How Google Allo Works

If you would like to use Google Allo, you will need to launch the web version in Google Chrome. Once that is done, you will need to load up Google Allo on your Android device. You need to click in the menu on your mobile device to see the web option of Allo. From that point, you will have to scan the QR Code.

After that QR Code has been scanned, you will see a unique code that then pairs your smartphone with the web client. The web version is the same thing as you will see on your smartphone, which is cool because if your smartphone dies then you will still have the web version.

The web version of Google Allo looks just like the earlier screenshots that were released. There is an interface that has two panes on it, with the chat box on the right and the contacts on the left. You can add emojis just by using the smiley button and also you can search for the various sticker packs on the right side.

The mobile app has Google Assistant integration as well, which will keep your log history. Google Allo already had 10 million installations on Google Play last year, with the other popular program Duo getting over 100 million installations. We are still not sure how many people have used Google Allo, since Google does not release that information.

We do know that this program is now trying to get into the emerging markets. When you look at places like India, this services has about 38 percent of the overall downloads of Allo. Since Allo has about 21 million downloads overall, India is definitely getting a foothold in one of the biggest emerging markets in the world.

Even though America only has 17 percent of the total downloads, it is in second place, which is still not bad. If you have an Android device and would like to check out the new Allow web client version, you can download it now through Google Play Store.