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Google+ for Android Receives Another Update

Mar 8, 2018

It was not that long ago that Google+ for Android got an update, but now there is a new update rolling out. The previous update was pretty significant as it ended up rewriting the subtle updates feature. Other than that though, you could not visually see any other differences with that previous update. The new update rolling out now, will be updating the design. So whereas the previous update was not visual in nature, this one is all about the visuals. If you use Google+ on your Android device, read on to learn more about the new changes rolling out now.

Google+ for Android Sees New Design in Update

So the biggest things you will notice with the new Google+ for Android update is a much different visual appearance. The new design will be much brighter and will be a lot whiter. You will find the new version in Google Play Store right now. Google+ for Android is now updated to version 10.1, and the white theme is going to be a major difference you will notice. If you have been to the Google+ website anytime recently, you probably have already seen the new white theme. The website got the updated theme about two or three weeks ago, and now it is the app that is getting the updated theme.

Previously, on Google+ for Android, there was a black bar at the bottom. That has since been replaced with this new Android update. You will now have gray icons on a white background, so it is much lighter and brighter on your eyes. The new design does include other small changes that you might notice. If you are currently looking at a tab, the highlight color will match. Instead of the red app bar on the Home tab section, you will now see a white one. The bottom bar is still the same as it was, but the Collections section has changed. On the Collections section, you will notice the color is now Blue. If you are viewing Communities, it is green.

Google+ for Android Gets Color Changes & Design Update

Both the Communities tab and the Collections tab will have the same theme color. There is now a white app bar though, which will be on the Notifications tab. While you might not think these changes are big news, they kind of are pretty big for a lot of people. A lot of people have complained about the color scheme, saying it often times was hard to see on mobile. Now, you will not have to completely brighten up your screen to see all of the color details and tabs. This is definitely a much-needed change for the Google+ for Android app.

Another cool thing is that these colors will allow your eyes to strain less often, since the colors go together and often compliment one another. Many people would head on over to the website as opposed to the Android app for reasons such as color scheme and overall design differences. Things were just much better to see on the PC when the colors were darker and less eye-catching. Now, you will be able to once again see everything Google+ has to offer right from your mobile screen. If you do not have Google+ on your Android device yet, you can get it now through Google Play Store.

The updated version is 10.1, which is now on Google Play. If you are one of the people who already have this app on your device, you should see the update coming through an over-the-air update. It might take a couple days for you to see the update on your Android device depending on which Android device you are using. Have you switched to version 10.1 yet? If so, we want to know what you think about it in the comments below. Do you like the new color changes and do you think this makes the app easier to view on your mobile device? Are you on Android but not using Google+? Tell us what you think of the app overall and the new changes below, we would love to hear what you think.